A TV Docu-Series Showing Electronic Voice Contact Is Valid

Todd Moster

Todd Moster is a writer, producer and director with a background as a prosecutor and law firm partner. Todd plans to produce a TV docu-series to help people realize we survive death with our personalities intact, and hard science can prove it. The TV docu-series will engage researchers in designing and testing equipment and procedures that result in successfully recording dialogues with people living in the afterlife. The recordings are called electronic voice phenomena (EVP) or instrumental transcommunication (ITC). The series is titled <em>The Afterlife Files. </em>

<em>The Afterlife Files</em> TV docu-series of 12 half-our episodes will feature parapsychologists, afterlife researchers, mainstream scientists, sound engineers, and families mourning lost loved ones, who will be involved in the actual sessions of recording voices and images of people who have died. The researchers and scientists will validate the results and set up research designs to test them. The sound engineers will fine tune the equipment to get the best results. And the families of loved ones will have dialogues with them and verify that it is their loved ones that are communicating.

Value of the Project

Up to this point, EVP has been the province of well-meaning amateurs, those fun ghost hunting shows on cable TV, or the occasional scientific professional who doesn’t have the funding to mount a truly convincing study.  No one has yet tested the claims of EVP proponents under absolutely impregnable, controlled conditions that would convince even the most die-hard skeptic or cynic. The recordings will provide tangible evidence of life in the afterlife that can be broadcast and disseminated. It will be the most dramatic demonstration humankind can have today in the age of technology because it is clear evidence that can be distributed.

The result of the project will be the most profound, transforming series of experiments and demonstrations of the reality of life after death ever undertaken. The reality of life after death will become a scientifically-proven fact as universally accepted as the normal life transition from childhood into adolescence and young adulthood into maturity. People will lose their fear of death, have more confidence and hope in their lives, and treat others differently.

This ambitious journey of discovery that will be recorded for all people to see will help us usher in the most positive era of human history.

About Todd Moster

Todd is president of Vitruvian Productions.  Todd’s writing credits include episodes of the History Channel series “The Great Ships,” the documentary short, “Breaking the Barrier” and “The Afterlife Files,” a video he produced and wrote for a crowdfunding campaign.  Todd has also written for the TV series “Ron Hazelton’s House Calls” and conducted research and written treatments for Perpetual Motion Films.

A 1982 graduate of UCLA School of Law, Todd entered private practice following his service as a prosecutor and became a partner of a Los Angeles Law Firm.  He has tried more than forty jury cases, presided over small claims and traffic matters as a Judge Pro Tem, and run a successful, Los Angeles-based legal recruiting company.  He is also the author of “The Underground Guide to Job Interviewing:  A Quick and Irreverent Primer for the Busy Job Seeker (2nd Ed.),” an Amazon Best Seller in the Job Hunting category.

<em> The Afterlife Files</em> TV Docu-Series Project

<strong><em>Scientists</em></strong><strong>:</strong>  Todd intends to recruit high-profile, respected researchers, scientists, and sound engineers to run a tightly-controlled series of experiments to test whether EVP is a genuine phenomenon.  They’ll include electrical engineers, audio engineers, voice &amp; image forensic specialists and other acknowledged experts.

<strong><em> Equipment and Facilities</em></strong><strong>: </strong> The experts will have access to the most cutting-edge recording and computing devices available, along with soundproof lab facilities that will shield the equipment from TV, radio, or other transmissions that could otherwise generate misleading results. The devices will build on the successes of devices developed in the past that have not been cultivated because of the lack of funding.