Leslie Flint, a medium during the twentieth century, was involved in thousands of experiences in which people spoke to deceased loved ones and the deceased responded in normal conversations. Their voices did not come through the medium’s mouth or from any one else present. The people whose loved ones came through all expressed with certainty that the voices were their loved ones’ and that they had had conversations with the real, living person, although they had been dead, at times for decades.

The medium and many others before and since described a “voice box” that those in spirit used to communicate that was created just for the purpose and disappeared afterward. The sittings always occurred in the dark.

Successes and Validations

Leslie Flint described himself as the most tested medium in all of history. In one instance, “He held a certain amount of pink water in his mouth. Then his mouth was sealed by an adhesive strip. After the séance, he returned the entire amount of water–quite a difficult achievement!” (http://www.tanika.com/04-Mediums/flint.htm).

The creativity of his testers was remarkable: “He was bound to a chair, his mouth sealed with tape. At other experiments he wore a throat microphone to detect possible vibrations in his vocal organs. He was observed through an infra-red viewer.” (http://www.xs4all.nl/~wichm/deathnoe.html)

At no time did sounds come from his mouth. In no tests by qualified, skeptical scientists, was anything found to be fake or deceptive.

The thousands of recordings available now contain the clear spoken words of people living on the next plane of life about their passing and lives now. It is a treasure trove of information about the afterlife.

Some of the people who sat with Leslie Flint had regular conversations with their loved ones in spirit. The fact that the historical, known people on this side of life and the other side were able to have regular conversations over years that contain information no one, including the medium, would know, is a convincing demonstration of the reality of life after the brain and body die. The communications were given in Flint’s office, auditoriums, hotel rooms, and a variety of other venues. The voices always came through.

Example Recordings

Douglas and Eira Conacher

Douglas and Eira Conacher were a devoted married couple with a publishing business in Central London. They were conventional in every way but one: they were determined that whoever died first would try to contact the other from the afterlife.Douglas, 20 years older than Eira, died first on June 6, 1958. A few months later, Douglas contracted Eira through the medium Leslie Flint. They carried on regular conversations over the next several books and authored two books together with both their names on the cover. It’s quite obvious from the intimate conversations that Eira Conacher, living on the Earth plane, was having normal conversations with her husband Douglas, on the afterlife plane.

This recording from the Leslie Flint Educational Trust was made in 1965. Flint and Eira were the only ones in the room. In the recording, Eira speaks first. A transcript of the conversation follows.

Eira: Yes, well that’s been very interesting Dear.

Douglas (in spirit): Are you coming again very soon?

Eira: Well, I hope to. I think Leslie has booked me, about two weeks time.

Douglas (in spirit): I look forward to this very much, you know.

Eira: Yes, I wonder if you could tell me if you’ve met about . . . any of the naturalists. You were so fond of natural history.

Douglas (in spirit): Oh, yes, I have.

Eira: That would be interesting, wouldn’t it?

Douglas (in spirit): You must always remember that just as we have human life, we have a nature life. We have birds, and we have many of the animals that you associate with life on your side. And I do love color.

Eira: Yes, So do I, but you know that.

Douglas (in spirit): This is a world full of color, magnificent color. And many colors of which you have no knowledge exist over here. But sometime I must try and give you a more detailed description but it’s extremely difficult. I’m sorry I can’t stay longer. I wasn’t very good today. I didn’t want to disappoint you. I give you all my love.

Eira: I’ll be here in two weeks, I hope.

Douglas (in spirit): Bye bye, yes, bye bye.

Eira: Goodbye Darling.

The Najji Recordings

Between 1970 and 1984, retired doctor of chemistry, Dr Dinshaw R. Nanji of Birmingham University visited London twice a year from his home in Gothenburg, Sweden, for private sittings with Leslie Flint.

During almost every sitting, he had direct communication with his wife Annie Ottilia Nanji, who died in 1966. The conversations demonstrate the incontestable reality that life continues after the body dies. This example is from the Leslie Flint Educational Trust.

More of the Nanji recordings are available at this link: Nanji recordings

Future Advancements with Funding

Currently, the recordings are in various locations. The primary location is with the Leslie Flint Trust. AREI will work with the Leslie Flint Trust to bring together all of the Leslie Flint recordings or will purchase the Leslie Flint recordings and house them in a secure library.

Details about the Leslie Flint Project and Funding needs

After the recordings are secured, the following steps will be taken to make them accessible to humankind:

  1. The recordings will be remastered and prepared for free access on the Internet and DVDs.
  2. The recordings will be made available over the Internet for download.
  3. Transcribers will transcribe the words spoken by the people in the afterlife.
  4. The transcriptions will be compiled into books with descriptions of the afterlife organized by topic.
  5. The resulting books will be published to be read to give people insights into the afterlife, the nature of reality, and afterlife communication.