Princess Alexandra of Denmark, Queen Consort of King Edward VII

People speaking from the life after this life often describe awakening in familiar surroundings, such as a room in their childhood home. Queen Alexendra, Consort to Edward VII, spoke in a Leslie Flint seance in 1960 describing the familiar surroundings into which she awakened. A transcript of the recording follows the recording controls.

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Recordings source: The Leslie Flint Foundation

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Queen Alexandra describes awakening in the life after this life

[The recording of Queen Alexandra begins with Betty Greene asking her a question. The transcript follows the controls.]

Greene: Can you tell us actually when you passed over, where you found your self, in what…uh…I was going to say, not exactly ‘country’, but how you found your self?

I…remember very vividly awakening in a room which was very reminiscent of a room that I’ve been very fond of, many years previously in my earthly existence. In every way it seemed to be an exact replica: the colourings, the materials, the furnishings. In fact everything about it was a perfect reproduction; in fact, so much so, that I did not realise at first that I passed on at all. And I remember only too well the very beautiful view from the window, with the beautiful green grass, lawn and terrace and at the bottom, far in the distance, the river.

It was a spot which I had been most fond. And in this room on my awakening were many of my relations and friends that I had known. It was almost like a kind of reception, which of course it was. And I must admit it was a great joy to me, to meet all these friends and all these souls that had meant so much to me in my Earthly life, and to have the feeling of peace and the realisation that it was an environment in the very room in which I was most happy. It was a room that had given me great joy and pleasure many, many years previously.

In fact, I have now realised only too well that I was most fortunate in my passing, that I should have been so blessed.

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