biology of belief

Book by Bruce Lipton

How to Reprogram Your Mind by Dr. Bruce Lipton

Bruce Lipton, PhD, a cell biologist in the University of Wisconsin Medical School, estimates that 95 percent of what fills our point of now Awareness is subconscious. These are experiences, interpretations of experiences, and emotions that arise unbidden, usually because of triggers from other experiences passing through our Awareness. Subconscious Awareness is what allows us to perform skills such as speaking, driving a car, walking, and other common activities we participate in without having to bring into conscious Awareness every muscle movement, recollection of a word, review of how to construct a sentence, muscle action in hitting a tennis ball, or other activity that requires speed in processing. These experiences from the subconscious fly into the point of now Awareness and are replaced instantly. Someone can very quickly have a thought, create a sentence, form the words using language syntax, and speak the words in a sequence. All of that is coming from subconscious Awareness.