Carole describes her Repair & Reattachment session

Rochelle Wright, a Washington state licensed psychotherapist, originated a psychotherapy method named Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy in which the psychotherapist helps clients enter a state of Mind where they have afterlife communications with loved ones who have left Earth School ( The procedure is 98 percent successful and reduces grief by 86 percent or more in a single session. Below is the recording of a portion of the recording of a client describing the sensory experiences when she had contact with her daughter who had transitioned in a car accident. A transcript of the recording follows the video controls below.


My eyes were closed and the visual right away was on the left side of my Mind. Kate appeared coming down a sidewalk. There was a wall, and it was beautiful. There was ivy growing out of it and a big old tree. Kate started walking toward me. It was amazing. I was sitting there with my eyes closed and Kate was walking to me. As she walked toward me, she put her hand out and I put my hand out and I could feel hers on mine. I was able to feel her fingers, to hug her, and to stroke her hair. She was wearing a T-shirt and shorts and flip-flops just like she did when she was here on Earth. She led me down the sidewalk and we walked, and she was talking.