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Witness: Helaine Fry Describes Her Son’s Materialization

Helen Duncan Witness: Helaine Fry Helaine Fry testified at the Helen Duncan trial that she witnessed materializations of her sister, nephew, uncle, father-in-law, mother-in-law, and son. Her son had been a miscarriage. He was born in the next Learn More

Witness: Helaine Fry Describes Her Son’s Materialization2021-08-20T16:35:04-05:00

Yeshua (Jesus) and Hell

Yeshua (Jesus) and Hell Please don't believe the hell myth. It is a terrible fiction created by the church that has been attributed to Yeshua. In the myth, Yeshua is portrayed as a tyrant who requires that Learn More

Yeshua (Jesus) and Hell2020-09-01T13:23:34-05:00
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