Frédéric Chopin Explains that the Spirit Is Not in the Body

We do not enter Earth School or enter a body. We simply begin having the experiences of Earth School and the experiences of a body made available by the Universal Intelligence. Frédéric Chopin, coming through in a Leslie Flint séance on December 17, 1962, explains in the audio that follows. A transcript is below the audio controls.

Transcript: Frédéric Chopin Explains that the Spirit Is Not in the Body

There’s no such thing as a spirit inhabiting a body: that is another fallacy of the fools that try to explain things. We don’t actually inhabit the body, in the sense that some people seem to think, that we are in the body in the same sense that…er…people think that when a person dies we sort of, creep out of it. . . .

Well, it’s not like that. You cannot explain it in that way. What one must remember is that there is an etheric body (which is a duplicate of the material body) which is animated by the spirit, which has no body in the same sense. And that is not necessarily inside the physical body, but it is an animating force which is behind the etheric body and the material body. And when the physical body dies, the etheric body still retains its shape and form and it is that part of Man that is recognized as an individual. And it is that part which people communicate with.

For instance, communication, whatever form it may take, when someone comes from this side of life, it is the etheric body that is being used which is being registered on the more material plane (or nearer to the Earth condition anyway) and it is the animating force of the spirit and the mentality behind it which gives life.

The whole point is that there’s too much talk about bodies. These bodies are merely vehicles in their expression of the mentality and the mind and the spirit… the vitality and the life… the vitalizing force which is life itself. But the etheric body is an important part of Man of which he has no conception. People talk loosely about the spirit, but the spirit is something which is indefinable in as much that it has no shape or form. It is the etheric body that has the shape or form.