David Cattanach speaking in spirit – Leslie Flint

Recordings source: The Leslie Flint Foundation

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David Cattanach died at age 18. He made many visits to the Leslie Flint séances over 10 years. He spoke with his mother at a number of them. Gordon Smith, who knew the mother personally, wrote this about her and the séances:

I know Mrs. Cattanach personally. I would describe her as very astute. She would not be easily fooled, especially about her son. She told me she had no doubts that the recording of him speaking after his death was his voice.

David came through in more than one Leslie Flint seance, at times speaking with his mother who was one of the sitters. In this seance, David carries on a conversation with his mother about the afterlife, his level of consciousness, and what he is doing there.

The vocal mechanism uses the vocal cords to create the vibrations that we hear when someone speaks. When someone doesn’t use the vocal cords to create sound, but uses a constricted pharynx to give a “hissing” sound, we call it a “whisper.” The rest of the vocal mechanism creates words in the same way as it does with the vocal cords sounds. We aren’t sure why David and some of the other speakers were not able to use the ectoplasmic vocal cords to create a sound, but they create a strained whisper speaking voice.

As with most of the Flint recordings, the recording equipment used in the middle of the 20th century is primitive and the quality is not good.