Man has Created Disease

Recordings source: The Leslie Flint Foundation

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The speakers in the recordings below came through in Leslie Flint seances. They each describe the fact that man has created disease through wrong thinking and living.

Recordings are from the Leslie Flint seance archives of the Leslie Flint Educational Foundation

Conan doyle

Arthur Conan Doyle


Recorded: January 17, 1966

Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle was a British medical doctor who was an ardent supporter of spiritualism. He published four novels and 56 short stories about the detective Sherlock Holmes. In this excerpt, he speaks about disease resulting from humankind. A transcript follows the recording controls.


You know, the sad thing is when we see your world, when we see the unhappiness, and when we see the misery of your world, when we see innumerable peoples who suffer, often unnecessarily – because much of your sickness and illness and disease is brought about by man himself by his wrong thinking, by his wrong living.



Recorded: October 14, 1987

Mickey was Leslie Flint’s constant spirit companion for over 60 years of séances. He was there to assist other spirit communicators, raise the vibrations if required and share his knowledge of life in the Spirit World. He can be heard on many of the Flint séance recordings in his role as ‘master of ceremonies’ during each sitting.

In this excerpt from a séance, Mickey explains that man creates unhappiness and misery, including disease.


Man creates his own happiness or unhappiness and it may be the unhappiness that comes into your life is created by people around and about you and that it’s not necessarily of your doing.

But everyone is an individual and the vibrations that they bring into being, sometimes can be destructive. You suffer from yourselves, because of your attitudes and your way of thinking. You create all the unhappiness and the misery that enters into your world – even disease.

I mean, all the terrible things that happen in your world, in some shape or form, invariably are brought about by man.

Charles Drayton Thomas spiritualist

Charles Drayton Thomas


Recorded: June 29, 1970

Charles Drayton Thomas was a Methodist minister and member of the Society for Psychical Research. He was a great champion of psychical research during his lifetime, recorded many hours of trance sittings, and hosted public demonstrations of mediumship.

In this excerpt from a seance, he explains that man has created disease over centuries of time by wrong thinking and wrong living. A transcript follows the controls below.


Oh, there’s no doubt about it – that if people were to think healthily, uh…they would live healthily.

But, uh…man has created disease over centuries of time by wrong thinking and wrong living and has made it so, that all sorts of illnesses and, uh…varying, uh…kinds of, um…sickness enter into his physical body and, of course, in his mind. It starts with the mind and this is something which is very solid and very real.


Everything that is of the mind has, in a sense, while on Earth, got a physical counterpart. It’s a reaction to these thoughts. Brings in its wake all sorts of problems.