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Dr. Christopher Kerr

Dr. Christopher Kerr Documenting Patients’ Dreams

The graduation is in the plan for the person’s life. If the graduation is sudden, the person may have portents of the change. In one example, a young man named Wolf drew pictures of where he would transition and the mode of transition by a lightning strike.[i] You can view a video of medium Suzanne Giesemann explaining Wolf’s experiences at

However, for people who transition over time from old age or disease, guides, helpers, and loved ones who have preceded the person make preparations in the minutes, hours, and days before the transition. The loved ones who have gone on before help the dying person make the transition by appearing to the person in dreams or in visions. In one study, 21 percent of the dying people saw visions when they were asleep, 13.1 percent while awake, and 65.7 percent during both sleep and wakefulness.[ii]

In the video that follows, Dr. Christopher Kerr, medical director for Hospice Buffalo, describes the dreams dying patients have.

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CBS Pittsburgh, February 25, 2019
Dr. Christopher Kerr Documenting Patients’ Dreams