John Grant Describes Inhabitants of Other Worlds

The recording below is of a Leslie Flint session with a man in spirit named John Grant. He describes the fact that there are inhabitants of other worlds who have endeavored to make contact with Earth.

A transcript follows the audio controls.

Transcript of the John Grant session with Leslie Flint

But in some shape or form, there is a manifestation of many forms of life in and around the Earth, reaching up and outwards to the varying other worlds, upon which certain worlds, entities do live of a much higher order than man himself—and these too, from certain spheres or planets, have at varying times made contact with Earth. But they have been denied, to a certain extent, the opportunity to converse with man.

I am not suggesting here that there have not been isolated instances of souls from other planets, who have not, in some way or other, manifested themselves mentally . . . uh, there are contacts that have been made of a mental nature and, in consequence, appearances of individual souls from other planets have manifested.

But, generally speaking, for a very long time there have been manifestations around the Earth of mentalities from other planets who are concerned, very much concerned, at the motives of man and the experiments of man and the effect that certain things could have—not only in the immediate future, but at a later date upon your world in particular and, to some extent, on astral worlds around the Earth, invisible to the human eye.

You see, man assumes anything that is visible is a real thing . . . uh, the moon it is a reality because it is visible, it is tangible and soon he’ll be landing upon it and…as indeed are other worlds, of which as yet knows nothing.

But these are the so-called visible worlds, but the invisible worlds; these are invariably, though not always, the more highly evolved worlds. These are the worlds of the mind and of the spirit and these are the worlds which man has not seen and cannot see, because he is of a different substance and a different composition. But it is with the mind and the spirit that many of these things will eventually come into being and be harnessed—these forces, these powers—and man will become aware of them. This is what we hope.

But the point is, there is a great deal of concern at this moment, of these experiments which are taking place and the dangers that could ensue on the releasing of certain matters, uh, which could affect, certainly will affect, Earth. These are things that we are hoping to prevent, there are things that we want very much to avoid.

For a long time, certain souls from certain outer spheres have endeavored to make a contact, in a subtle way and it has had to be done in a very subtle way. But, of course, no notice has been taken by those in higher places; particularly those who are scientifically so involved that they are not interested and wouldn’t listen. If they did, uh, take some interest they wouldn’t accept it.

John Grant, Leslie Flint seance, June 9, 1969
Leslie Flint Educational Foundation