George Harris Describes Eating and Lack of Toilet Duties

George Harris, a builder in the life after this life, came through in a Leslie Flint séance describing the fact that people can choose to eat or not, but if they eat, they never have to make a trip to a toilet.

The recording of his statements follows. A transcript is below the audio controls.

Source: The Leslie Flint Educational Trust

Transcript of George Harris Speaking

I get the impression that we . . . I don’t know. When I first came here it seemed, I suppose, it was necessary to me to have certain things, meals and that. And now I don’t feel the urge so much. It’s funny that. And in consequence I don’t seem to need to eat. You don’t have to go to the toilet even. Isn’t it funny? I mean, you have a darn good meal and you’d think, well, later on, you’d have to go the joey [toilet], you know, but you don’t!

That’s a thing that shook me at first. Couldn’t make head or tail of this. And then they said, “Oh well it’s different. It ain’t the same old physical body,” as they call it, and “It hasn’t got the same, sort of, construction,” or whatever that is. And, uh, they said, “Really, this business that you want to eat and, others like you, feel the need for a cup of tea and all that, it’s only a state of mind.”

Course, I suppose, in some sort of way, what they say is true enough but, um, I suppose it is. But I’m so happy as I am in my own natural surroundings and carrying on the kind of things that appeal to me. And I meet many people now that I’ve made pals with.