Hans Otto König

Hans Otto König

Ana Maria Wauters

Ana Maria Wauters

Anna M. and Hans O. König Wauters work and research

Basic research in ITC

German physicist and psychologist, Dr h.c. in ITC, Hans Otto König conducts basic research in ITC. This means that he principally wants to understand how such acoustic and visual manifestations occur and which parameters are interfering by the contacts. Since 1974 he has studied this extraordinary acoustic phenomenon asking continually, “What is it, how is it, and why is it so?”

By dedicating himself to understand the phenomenon and by virtue of his profound connection with the spiritual world, he continued to optimize the quality and length of his connections to get more and more information and understanding about these far away and still unexplored contacts. Koenig invented and developed different systems: the Multi-Oscillation System, the Infrared System, the Hyperspace System (HRS-System) and the Universal Direction-System (UDS-System). Thanks to these new technology systems we can receive distinctly audible information and longer dialogues from the other side.

Koenig conducts research not only in the acoustic field but also in the visual field. The Spiritual World began interfering visually through television contacts. He got some marvelous contacts where sound and picture where synchronized and images in motion were received. In 1988, he had the first successes.

The uniqueness and value of Koenig’s basic research is

  • the knowledge how such acoustic phenomena happen providing a basis for harvesting in the scientific field
  • the extraordinary clarity and length of the contacts realized by the systems he developed
  • the discoveries from 48 years of research proving that life continues after bodily death
  • the development of several new systems
  • the teachings from Spirits from higher levels, concerned about humankind and his evolution
  • a big archive from more than 45.000 messages received from the spiritual world
  • all the devices were developed in collaboration with the Spiritual World

Helping people: individual and group sessions     

In addition to this basic research, his wife Anna Maria and himself are helping people by the discoveries and profound insights of the basic research to understand for example that the human being is primarily a spiritual being living a physical experience on earth; that life does not end with the death of the physical body, and that we are all part of an enormous continuum of consciousness. By these teachings of the spiritual world, the soul and the spirit are developing themselves to another state of being and can understand reality as it is, without fear of death; grief can be relieved and transformed.

Anna M and Hans O. König Wauters make group sessions in Antwerp, where they contact the spiritual world with the systems Hans Koenig developed and they organize meditation sessions in Germany. Meditation is an essential part of their trials of contacting the spiritual world

The couple is also making direct contact possible for people who lost their loved ones so that they can experience themselves that their beloved ones are still alive and in contact with them. At the moment, these individual sessions are always held in Antwerp and in the presence of the relatives themselves. A personal contact is always required in their way of working.

In their archive, they have more than 45,000 messages received from the spiritual world. Below are some examples of their work.

More information about the work of the couple König Wauters can be found on their homepage: www.hansottokoenig.de (information in German and English) or in the book Listen, new discoveries about the Afterlife, Anna M. Wauters and Hans Otto König.

The book describing their work

The book describing their work is available in English, German, and French. Click on a book image for purchasing information.

Individual sessions

Three examples of sessions with people living in the life after this life follow. In the first, the video opens with a view of the König Wauters recording equipment.

Session 1: Contact of a boy named Denis with his father




Hi, Daddy. Hallo, Papa.
Denis here. Hier Denis.
I am well. Mir geht es gut.
Can you hear me? Hörst Du mich?
Give my love to Jens and mom. Grüsse Jens und mama.
We’ll be in touch again. Ir hören uns wieder.


Session 2: Contact with a man living in spirit named Karan

In this session, contact is made with a man named Karan who crossed the veil at the age of 30.


We try to close contact field to A.M. W. and H.K.
Contact field closed to A.M. and H.K.
Wir versuchen Kontaktfeld zu schließen zu A.M. W und H.K.
Kontaktfeld geschlossen zu A.M.W. und H.K.
Listen A.M. and Hans , we try to close contact to Karan, as you wished it.
Hallo Mum, hallo Pa, I see you ( 4:23)
I am Karan.
See you again in dream.
Thanks for your love.
Sorry the time for you only little.
Höre zu A.M. und Hans, wir versuchen Kontaktfeld zu schließen zu Karan, euren Wunsch gemäß
Thanks A.M.W and H.K. that I can speak here, Karan. Bedanke A.M.W. und H.K. dass hier sprechen können, Karan.
Energyfield is ending. Wir close the contact.
Sending an energyfield.
Energiefeld geht zu Ende. Wir beenden den Kontakt.
Senden ein Energiefeld



Session 3: Video contact

Koenig conducts research not only in the acoustic field but also in the visual field. The Spirit World began interfering visually through television contacts. The speakers in the spirit world said, “We have the ability to transmit our life with the contacts by television.” Hans O. König received some marvelous contacts where sound and picture with images in motion were synchronized, using the device he developed. In 1988, he had the first successes with the new system, called the “TV-Generator,” an extremely complicated device to synchronize paranormal pictures and sound. No other system required as much work as this research field. It took many years to develop this device and to get wonderful transmissions that include pictures in motion and sound in motion on a monitor screen from the other side. Below, you can see a sample from the work he did in the visual field during the 90s. A tremendous gift from the other side! The transcript of the recordings follow the video.


Sound: (…..) ” At the same time bird and man. I do not exist in my own eyes. Ton: (…..) ” Zur selben Zeit Vogel und Mensch. Ich existiere in meinen eigenen Augen nicht.
Is there really a face, or is a face perhaps just an accumulation of infinite masks? In the last instance, it is the mirror that comes from the deepest of a human being. Gibt es wirklich ein Gesicht oder ist ein Gesicht vielleicht nur eine Anhäufung unendlich viele Masken? In der letzten Instanz ist das der Spiegel, der aus dem tiefsten eines Menschen kommt.
What is that? A message from heaven? Was ist denn das? Eine Botschaft des Himmels?
Everyone can and must decode this message in his own way. It is only all attempts. Diese Botschaft kann und muss jeder auf seine Art entschlüsseln. Es sind nur alles Versuche.


Group Session

Account of the Session Using the Modified Infrared Equipment
The session began with three hours of group meditation, guided by König. After a break and another short meditation, König turned the system on. There was an extended silence, then a sudden noise. It was the beginning of contact, but there were no voices yet. Then all heard the following very clearly in German:

Wir versuchen ein Kontaktfeld zu schliessen zu Anna Maria Wauters und Hans König. . . Kontaktfeld geschlossen zu Anna Maria Wauters und Hans König.

“We are trying to complete a contact panel to Anna Maria Wauters and Hans König . . . . . . . Control panel completed to Anna Maria Wauters and Hans König.”


A mixture of sounds followed, with many voices apparent in the sounds, but the voices were incomprehensible to the participants. However, the information the voices conveyed is of great importance to König because it will give him new insights for his basic research. As a result, he will analyze the sounds and tones to extract as much information as possible.

When the mixture of sounds subsided, the entities continued:

Höre zu: Die Verbindungen zu uns sind Fenster zu neuen Erkenntnissen und lassen euch erahnen, was ihr erleben könnt wenn ihr euch öffnet.

“Listen! The connections to us are windows to new realizations, allowing you to intuit what you can if you will open your minds.”

Höre zu! Wir begrüssen diese Gruppe hier im Raum. Wir versuchen zu jedem einzelnen Kontakt aufzunehmen, in Gedanken. Jeder einzelne von Euch wird eine Information bekommen, für sein Leben.

“Listen! We greet this group here in that room. We’ll try to get in touch with everybody here, from mind to mind. Each and every one of you will receive information about his life.”

Die Erde soll jetzt in einen neuen Bewusstseinszustand versetzt werden. Ihr Bewusstseinsvermögen soll angehoben werden.

“The earth is to be moved now into a new state of consciousness. Its consciousness capacity will be raised.”

Höre zu, Ihr seid ein Teil eines gewaltigen Bewusstseinskontinuums! Ihr könnt es erkennen, durch die Meditationen.

Listen! You all are part of a continuum of consciousness! You can recognize it with the help of meditation.

Höre zu, Ihr habt jetzt einen wirklichen Beweis unserer Realität.

Listen! Now you have real validation of our reality.”

The recording lasted 13 minutes, with more statements by the Spirit Entities. At the end, they said,

Wir beenden den Kontakt. Unsere Energie geht zu Ende. Wir senden Euch ein Energiefeld und ein Kraftfeld.

“We conclude the contact. Our energy is running out. We are sending you a field of energy and a force field.”

Being overcome by the energy, the vastness, and the magnitude of this experience, we needed several days to process all of it. We express our deep gratitude to the Spirit World. Each attendee went on his way with new insights and understanding for his life plan.

After the session ended, König carefully considered all the information conveyed from the Spirit Entities. He began the process of analyzing it to determine the technical changes he must make before the next recording experiment.

Anna M. Wauters and Hans Otto König give private sessions to connect with loved ones and give personal coaching to teach people how to connect with their loved ones. More . . .

Future Advancement with funding

Hans König’s research is an independent researcher. König’s work provides a basis for harvesting in the scientific field, a hope for humankind. To make the advances possible, the deep insights and the clarity of the contacts, his family has invested more than EUR 250,000 Euro from their own resources. Although it was worth doing so. The totality of his basic research makes communication 99.9% clear that

  • Life continues after bodily death
  • We are spiritual beings making having experiences in a physical body
  • Acoustic and visual communication between the different planes of life s a fact
  • Devices can be developed to improve the communication between the different planes of life

His discoveries and contacts are revolutionary and his knowledge has an enormous importance for humankind.

To advance in his pioneer work Hans O König urgently needs specific measuring instruments, like a new spectrum analyzer, a new frequency recorder and a computer. The new spectrum analyzer will allow him to gain new insights that are important to understand which frequency ranges the paranormal signals in the HRS range occur in.

We are thankful for any financial support for this independent basic research!