Blindsight in monkeys

The fact that the Mind receives experiences without having what we normally would call visual ability demonstrates that there is only Mind and experiences. Mind extends to animals. They are conscious in the same way we are conscious, but with different abilities. That means they have conscious Awareness and subconscious Awareness.

Professor Nicholas Humphrey studied a monkey named Helen that had the visual cortex of her brain removed so she was completely blind. However, he discovered that Helen was able to navigate her environment and locate objects just as though she had sight. When she was anxious, she lost the ability.

This ability in monkeys indicates that monkeys also have a sixth sense, allowing experiences coming from the subconscious to influence behavior.

Watch the following video of Dr. Humphrey describing blindsight in monkeys. Below Dr. Humphrey’s interview, watch the video of Helen navigating a room full of obstacles, despite being totally blind.

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Prof. Nicholas Humphrey on Blindsight and consciousness,

Helen, the totally blind monkey, navigates obstacles

Helen, a monkey who developed “blindsight”, after her primary visual cortex had been ablated. Film by Nicholas Humphrey, 1971