George Wilmot Describes His Reunion with Jenny

Recordings source: The Leslie Flint Foundation

Read about the validity of the Leslie Flint seance recordings at this link: Validity

At times, people awaken in the next life in natural settings.

The recording below is the voice of George Wilmot, a “rag and bone” merchant who scavenged whatever he could find to sell. He carried what he found in a cart pulled by a horse he named “Jenny.” Jenny had meant the world to him.

In the Leslie Flint seance recording below, George describes what happened when he awoke in the life after this life. He found himself in a field. He then had a reunion. A transcript of the session follows the audio controls.


George Wilmot describes awakening in the life after this life

You know, I might make you laugh, but it’s perfectly true. Mind you, I was always fond of people; I always took an interest in people. As a matter of fact, I think I can say this, that often people would come and ask me proper questions if they were in trouble. I was always willing to help people. I was very fond of people. But the odd thing was, and in a way, I’m not surprised, because I was so fond of her, but my old Jenny was the one that I first saw when I come over here. Yeh, now that’s got you guessin’, but Jenny wasn’t neither of my wives, thank God. It was my horse.

Yeh, she was old Jenny, she used to pull my cart in my earlier years, in the thirties, you know. I was real upset when poor old Jenny collapsed and died. She was as near to me as any woman could be. In fact, more so. I had quite affection and regard for old Jenny. She knew everything that I ever said to her, I’m sure she did. She was as cute as they come. She was a real beaut. She wasn’t much to look at, I suppose, as horses go, of course, but she was a real, real nice old nag, she was. And the first thing I met when I woke up over here was being in a, well I suppose you’d call it a field. I seemed to be sitting, lying under a tree. And I remember sort of waking up and I could see this horse coming towards me. And it was my old Jenny. Course, she looked younger, of course and she was, oh, she was so thrilled, so happy you could sense or feel it, I can’t say how, I mean, this is something I can’t explain, but it’s almost as if she was talking to me. It was extraordinary. I couldn’t hear any voice and you don’t expect to hear a horse speak, but it was somehow mentally, I suppose. Now I realize now it must have been as though she was speaking to me, welcoming me.

She came and stood beside me and was licking my face. Goodness me, I’ll never forget this as long as I live, and I was so thrilled, so excited.

George Wilmot, recording of a Leslie Flint Seance, December 6, 1965
The Leslie Flint Foundation