Joe McMoneagle – Archeological remote viewing

For several decades at the end of the twentieth century, the CIA had a remote viewing program named Operation Stargate that used remote viewers to spy on the Soviet Union. One of the most accomplished remote viewers was Joe McMoneagle.

In this interview with psychologist Jeffrey Mishlove, Joe describes a six-year remote viewing project to identify the historicity of a mythical, shaman empress of ancient Japan named Himiko. She was the subject of much lore; and was mentioned briefly in one, ancient Chinese document. Joe discusses how his remote viewing, conducted from his home in Virginia, were instrumental in locating the ruins of an ancient mountain top castle, two temples, and a royal tomb – all previously undiscovered. These discoveries were the subject of a best-selling book on the subject, published in Japanese.

Thinking Aloud with Jeffrey Mishlove

Archeological Remote Viewing in Japan with Joseph McMoneagle