Sonia Rinaldi’s Research

Brazilian researcher, Sonia Rinaldi, M.S., is helping people connect with loved ones in the afterlife by recording their voices. Her discoveries are relieving grief, demonstrating to people that their loved ones are alive and well, and changing people’s lives. Sonia is also recording voices of people on the earth plane unable to communicate because of limitations such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, ALS, and profound nonverbal autism. In addition, she has video recorded the images of deceased people and pets. Sonia has been recording the voices since 2001, relieving people’s grief and showing them we are eternal beings having a physical experience.

In this Acrobat presentation, Sonia explains her successful effort to record the voice of the soul of an autistic girl who had not learned to speak and was not communicative. To turn the pages, click on the arrows in the lower left corner of each page.