Mickey Describes Other Spheres and Planes Populated by People

Recorded: December 8th 1973
Recordings source: The Leslie Flint Foundation

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Mickey was Leslie Flint’s constant spirit companion for over 60 years of séances. He was there to assist other spirit communicators, raise the vibrations if required and share his knowledge of life in the Spirit World. He can be heard on many of the Flint séance recordings in his role as ‘master of ceremonies’ during each sitting.

In this excerpt from a séance, Mickey explains that there are many planes and spheres populated by people, some aeons older than the Earth. A transcript of the recording follows the recording controls.


Recorded: December 8th 1973
Source: The Leslie Flint Educational Trust

You see this is another thing. People always seem to assume that peoples who live on other planets or in other worlds, that they probably almost certainly must have lived on Earth. As if the Earth is the only breeding ground of…you know this is, uh, actually your world in time itself, if you must have time, is only a baby. There are worlds that have been in being for untold billions upon billions and aeons and aeons of time. And some of these are highly evolved states of being where peoples, not quite as you are, have assimilated such experience, far beyond your wildest dreams.