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Dr. Dinshaw and Annie Nanji

Dr. Dinshaw Nanji and Annie Nanji conversations – Leslie Flint

Source: The Leslie Flint Foundation

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Between 1970 and 1984, retired doctor of chemistry, Dr Dinshaw R. Nanji of Birmingham University, visited London twice a year from his home in Gothenburg, Sweden, for private sittings with Leslie Flint in which he had casual conversations with his wife in spirit, Annie, who transitioned from Earth in 1966. Dr.Nanji would sit in a darkened room with Leslie Flint. After a short time, usually his wife Annie would begin speaking through an ectoplasm voice box that form spontaneously on Flint’s shoulder. Almost every sitting was a success. Dozens of the recordings of Dr. Nanji speaking with Annie are available today. The fact that Dr. Nanji was able to communicate with his wife living in the life after this life is some of the most compelling evidence that we live on after leaving the Earth plane.

You can listen to more of the conversations between Dr. Dinshaw Nanji and Annie at this link: