Research in Physical Mediumship to Demonstrate Dramatically and Undeniably the Reality of the Afterlife

In physical mediumship, physical things happen in a room connected with the afterlife. The events are so remarkable that they prove to the experiencers that the afterlife is a reality and communication is possible. A group of sitters meet regularly with the intention of experiencing a link to the realm of the afterlife. The dedication and harmony of the group members may result in physical activities happening in the room. There may be paranormally produced “Spirit Lights”, raps, knocks, touches, odors, movement of objects, apports, ectoplasm, full or partial materializations, voices from a cone provided for this purpose (trumpet), movement of the table or levitation), and other phenomena.

AREI knows there are many mental, physical, direct-voice, and trance mediums in the general population who have not been discovered and nurtured. Developing medium abilities requires time, patience, and the support of mentors and circles. AREI is helping develop the circles that will discover and nurture mediums. The goal is to have as many mediums as possible in the general population to give more people an opportunity to communicate with loved ones through these talented individuals. This initiative is part of the general effort to have people communicate with loved ones in the next realm of life to help alleviate their grief, convince them of their eternal natures, and eventually change humankind. Descriptions of current AREI initiatives to develop mental, physical, direct-voice, and trance mediums follow.

Physical Mediumship Development and Support

AREI is supporting the effort to identify and cultivate physical mediums. Craig Hogan is leading a circle that is developing one and possibly two physical mediums. The goal is to use the circle’s development as a model for helping other physical circles develop and cultivate physical, trance, direct-voice, and mental mediums when we learn about people who have an undeveloped talent.

Value to Humankind from Physical Mediumship Research and Development

AREI’s research and development in physical mediumship is intended to enhance existing physical circles, develop new circles, identify physical mediums, validate physical mediumship, and identify ways physical mediumship can be used to help humankind come to realize the reality of life after the transition called death.

Specifically, these are the goals of the research:

  • Develop media showing the events in physical circles that can be used to show the public the reality of the afterlife.
  • Develop methods of showing physical circle events so the events can be shown to people with airtight controls that preclude suggestions of fraud.
  • Design ways of making the physical circle events accessible by larger numbers of people.
  • Develop methods to identify potential physical mediums so more mediums can be cultivated.
  • Study the progressive development of the manifestations and conditions required for physical mediumship as they evolve over time, involving physical mediums, spirit teams, and the development group or circle
  • Prepare materials for use by emerging circles and physical mediums that describe how the circle can best develop and how physical mediums can be nurtured.
  • Explore the boundary where physical and non-physical states of consciousness can interact in a controlled, objectively perceivable manner.
  • Engage in dialogues with the teams on the other side to improve the conditions for physical circles.