Harry Price Speaks about Poltergeists

Recordings source: The Leslie Flint Foundation

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Harry Price, a British psychic researcher and author, passed from Earth School in 1948. He came through in a Leslie Flint séance in 1963 to explain poltergeists that are within our Earth School space. A transcript of the tape recording from the Harry Price website follows the audio controls.


Source: The Harry Price Website: www.harrypricewebsite.co.uk

Then of course you do have poltergeists which are invariably individuals who are Earthbound who do, by the power of which they may have under the conditions which they exist in the particular place, able to use various things to attract attention.  But usually you will find there is someone in that household–quite often a young person–who through the vitality and powers and psychic force makes it possible for them to become more material inasmuch that they can either if not be seen, they can use the power drawn from the individual in the household to move furniture or to throw things about.  This is a deliberate attempt at communication; invariably not spiteful, very rarely spiteful, usually done in exasperation to attract attention to themselves, invariably because they wish something in that house to be discovered. . . . They realise that there is something they want to put right and until it is put right they do not feel they can leave the Earth world–they cannot leave without this matter being settled. Usually a person is not Earthbound for a very long time because after a time they are not able to get in touch, eventually they begin to realise the futility of trying to something in a material sense which often they realise is impossible, to attract the attention sufficiently to make it possible what what it is they wish to convey to be understood and they leave.  But you do get the persistent types who will cling and will hold on and they will in consequence do everything in their power, particularly if they feel within themselves that it is absolutely essential that it should be attended to or done.


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