AREI’s Work in Instrumental TransCommunication

AREI researchers are recording the messages from people living on the next plane of life on a digital recorder or laptop. The voices are most often one to three words, with some very clear statements and some less clear because of limitations of the signal coming from the Station. AREI is teaching people how to use the methods themselves because the recordings are convincing evidence the loved one is alive and well and that people continue living when the body no longer functions.
In the research being performed now, the experimenter asks people on this side of life who want to connect with their loved ones in spirit to call. The experimenter puts the phone up to a recording microphone so the person can ask their loved one questions. The experimenter records the questions and the background noise. The person on this side of life and experimenter don’t hear the loved one in spirit respond at that time. When they play back the recording they have made, the loved one’s response may follow the recorded question.

The Value of Instrumental TransCommunication

Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC) records the voices of people living in the afterlife. The recordings bring great comfort to people living on the earth plane. Those who hear the voices of their loved ones feel greatly relieved to receive the contacts proving their loved ones are alive and well, just living in another place.

ITC also is a clear demonstration of the reality that people continue to live after the transition called death. As the clarity and availability of the communication through electronic devices become greater, greater numbers of people will realize we are eternal beings, our loved ones are living on the next plane of life, and we should live together in love, peace, and joy. Hearing the voices of people gone from the earth plane is profoundly moving.

AREI has three goals for ITC:

  1. Refine the methods being used successfully today so they result in clear, easily accessible recordings of the voices of people living on the next plane of life.
  2. Discover new methods of receiving and recording voices of people living on the next plane of life.
  3. Train professionals and the public in how to record the voices.

The pioneering work in recording voices is in its infancy. The primary limitation to progress has been the lack of funding for the audio specialists who could assist in refining the technology and procedures.

Examples of the Researchers’ Recordings

Example recordings follow. You will hear the background noise of vocal nonsense syllables. They’re cut up words people spoke, but there are no whole words in the background noise. Those in spirit transform the meaningless noise into words.

Researchers are able to record the voices in direct response to questions, at will. The responses come to nearly all questions asked, most often after the question is asked, but sometimes before it is asked, because those on the next plane of life are responding to the questioner’s thoughts, not their spoken words.

In the first example, the researcher is using background meaningless syllables created from a Portuguese recording. The researcher asks whether the people speaking from the other side can use the Portuguese recording to produce English words.

Question: “Say something to me in English to let me know I should use this.”

Answer: “I speak English.”

In this example, the researcher is holding up something. She asks them to identify what it is:

Question: “Right now I’m holding something. Can you tell he what that is?”

Answer: “Cellphone”


The researcher has a dialogue about the questions she is asking.

Question: “Do you like it when I ask you questions?”

Answer: “Oh, yes.”

The researcher has a friendly dialogue.

Question: “How’s everybody doing?”

Answer: “Everyone’s happy.”

Examples of Sheri Perl’s Recordings for Parents

AREI researcher Sheri Perl has been successfully using Instrumental TransCommunication to record the messages from children who have passed away to their parents. Sheri is using the North American Station for transmission and recording the voices on her laptop. The voices are most often one to three words, with some very clear statements and some less clear because of limitations of the signal coming from the Station.

Example of Sheri Perl’s recordings

In the following recording, Sheri asks her son, Dannie, to say, “I love you, ma.” He responds immediately.

Sheri asks parents who want to connect with their children in spirit to call her. She puts the phone up to a recording microphone so the parents can ask their children questions. Sheri records the questions and the background noise. The parent and Sheri don’t hear the child respond at that time. When Sheri plays back the recording she has made, the child’s response may follow the parent’s question. The responses are often difficult to hear. Sheri shares only those she can verify as clear enough to be heard easily.

Example recordings follow. Here, also, you will hear the background noise of vocal nonsense syllables. In the example that follows, a mother speaking over the phone begins her session with her son in spirit. This is her first statement and the response Sheri and the parent heard when they played back the recording. You will hear the mother say “Hi Sweetie” and his immediate response, “Hi mom.”

Another mother on the telephone says, “Alexandria, are you happy?” You will hear “All the time.”

A mother asks, “Are you in Heaven?” The answer, “I am.”

A mother asks, “I love you, and I just want to know, do you still love me?” The answer, “I love you.”

The mother asks, “Adam, it’s Mom. I want to know, are you at peace?” The response is “I am Mommy.”

In this example, the mother on the telephone says, “Hi Justin, it’s Mom.” You will hear “Hi Mom.”

Children in the Afterlife Respond to a Roll Call

Recently, Sheri asked the children of parents she is working with to come through with their names. She has had over 300 responses and is in the process of categorizing them now.





This is Jacob

I’m Libby.




Tom’s here.


I’m Laurie


Things are great here.

I’m here mama.

Bye mom.

Parent Reactions to Sheri Perl’s Recordings

Sheri Perl, AREI ITC Communication Facilitator, is regularly having parents call in questions for their children living in the afterlife. The responses are remarkable. The parents send responses to the recordings Sheri provides for them. Below is a sample of some of the responses:

Parent 1 ~ “I have read the text and started listening – this is so, so very amazing!! It sounds just like Brent’s voice in the one where he said that he was with my Dad – and this has been my deep feeling that he HAS been with my Dad, so that alone is such an affirmation. Then to hear Brent’s voice saying the word “Dad” – how perfect!! My heart is singing and I want to listen to more and let you know if I hear Brent’s voice again.”

Parent 2 ~ ” What a gift! I cannot tell you in words (wish I could give you a huge hug) what you have done for Lester and me. First off YES, It was Stephen! So many things he said. That no one knew!!!

Parent 3 ~ So much of this is Ben and his dad…the references to Art and Arthur I think are my late husband but the Danny reference I think is referencing your son….And the “Gerber” and “Doritos” messages, when Ben was young everyone said he looked like the Gerber baby and Ben’s favorte snack was Doritos…Truly amazy and so much validation…thank you sheri!

Parent 4 ~ This first evp blew away all I expected ..took my breathe away…no mistaking it..It seems its not as clear to those who didn’t know him..but there is absolutely no mistaking his voice for me his mother…I had to leave work and sit in my var and catch my breathe and calm my heart ..Even though his answer was short it vibrated throughout my whole body to hear him I feared his voice might sound different as you warned me sometimes it does…but this first evp I heard was the voice I knew and loved for 27 years!!!! My question was…Justin, do you come visit me? And he replied in his earthly voice….All the time…that is everything to me !!

Parent 5 ~ “One of the many messages to come from Simon in my reading was ‘It’s your favourite son.’ I knew as soon as I heard that it was from him. There was always a running joke in our family that Simon was The Chosen One. Some of his closest friends have told me that he had said to them ‘I’m the favourite.’ It confirmed for me that it was him-without a doubt.”

Parent 6 (who was asked why she felt it was her son whose voice was recorded) ~ The best evidence I felt coming from my son through the EVP were 1) his voice was recognizable every time he said ” I Love You.” 2) He asked about his children, both of them. 3) He asked me if I was proud of him. He would always ask me that question when he was a children growing up. 4) As you know my son was an drug addict. He had seen me cry a lot and I would tell him I would do anything do get him off of heroin. He would always answer, ‘I am sorry Mom.’ He said that so may times in his life and again on the EVP. 6) Because I was raising my grandchild ( my son’s kids) I had always felt guilty in many of my decisions to protect them from my own sons ravished drug use. Again he answered… ‘What you did mother was the right thing.” 7) I had a vision months after my son passed. It was of my son kneeling before a man in a white robe. My son also was in a white robe. My son was a Christian. I remember thinking to myself. ‘Has my son met Jesus?’ In the EVP he clearly states. Jesus found me. Omg !! 8) just about every morning between 3-4am I wake up wide awake. So awake that I just get up for the day. My son asks in the EVP if I would like to sleep in….yes yes yes I would Brad. LOL. I still don’t know why he wakes me up thou. 9) I have had conversations with my son, either in my head or our loud. I always have gotten answers. But I second guess myself if it was really him. Once again in the EVP he answered … ‘I hear mom.’ So awesome.”

Parent 7 ~ “Jerry’s little brother who was skeptical turned white when he heard his voice on the first question. He called me and said ‘Oh Wow Mom…its him…maybe he can help everyone find peace again, I didn’t expect to hear my brother, Mom.'”

Parent 8 ~ The first thing about the reading that made me positive you had gotten Luke is the multitude of comments he made. He always was hyper-verbal! So here’s a list of my impressions:

When he said “I’m Luke” – that sounds like him.

Also, when he said “I love it here” — that sounds EXACTLY like him.

The numerous times he expressed his love for me is very much Luke. We told each other we loved each all the time. Lots of hugs too. 🙂

He said “I don’t need money” followed by “thank you for offering.” Luke used to ask me or my husband if he could have $4 (or some other low odd-ball amount of money) and we would always ask him if he needed more than that. He would always say, no thank you, but thanks for offering. Only my husband, Luke and I would know what that means. It was extraordinary when I heard that.”

He stated “We’re off Ritalin.” Luke was struggling with drug addiction when he died. I think that was his way of telling me they ALL are healed once they leave their bodies. It was reassuring and another way of him letting me know it was really him.

When I said goodbye to him, he responded “Goodbye mom, you’re on my mind. I’ll call you. You can feel that I come.” He always said “I’ll call you,” always. And I think he was again, reassuring me, with the “You can feel that I come”. I CAN feel him when he’s around. He was confirming that for me.

There is no doubt in my mind that the clips are Luke. Except for the one when I told our children I love them and the many voices answered ‘We love you too.’ That one gives me wonderful chills. So much love.

Other connections have been with spouses. An example of the response of a spouse to the recordings follows:

Wife ~ “Sheri’s work directly corresponded with conversations I had had with my husband while he was alive. The phrases and words that came up were the same we had used as a nickname for a place and special ritual with had with our child. He also said our child was “a joy” a lot and that is definitely the same. I am so grateful for this words don’t even describe.”

Methods of Recording Voices Not Fully Developed

For 150 years, researchers and developers have attempted to identify and refine ways people on the earth plane can communicate with people who have transitioned into the afterlife.  Today, developers and researchers in afterlife communication are creating new communication methods that have never been known to humankind and are reintroducing old methods that have fallen out of use.  These methods of afterlife communication include instrumental transcommunication, Guided Afterlife Connections, Self-Guided Afterlife Connections, meditations, binaural beats trance, using rooms conducive to communication, mirror gazing, pendulums, automatic writing, and other methods.

For the most part, the developers and researchers are conducting their activities using their own limited funds. The result is that they are making discoveries and refining the communication methods at a glacially slow pace, and many promising methods have not been developed for widespread use because the developers are unable to finish their development or disseminate the results of their work.  Examples from the history of these afterlife communication efforts follow.

In the 1920s, Thomas Alva Edison, the great American inventor, developed plans for an instrumental transcommunication device. It has yet to be developed.

In 1949, Marcello Bacci of Italy began receiving voices of discarnates speaking to their loved ones on the earth plane. He continues receiving the voices today, but no one has learned how the voices are produced so the device can be duplicated.

In 1959, Friedrich Juergenson, acknowledged as the father of EVP (electronic voice phenomena) recorded a male voice and his mother’s voice while recording bird songs in the wild. Today, EVP remains elusive and fragmentary.  A reliable way of communicating using it has not yet been developed.

In 1967, Konstantin Raudive recorded thousands of voices in a laboratory setting, building on Juergenson’s work, but his efforts have not resulted in a reliable instrument to capture dialogues with those in the afterlife.

1971: Pye Records blocks out all radio and television communication frequencies and records Konstantin Raudive in studio by tape recorder. It was reported that over 200 voices were recorded during the eighteen minute session, none of which were heard until playback.

In 1979, George Meek and Bill O-Neill began using a device called a Spiricom to have dialogues with a deceased NASA scientist, Dr. Mueller. They received schematics for a communication device to communicate with those in the afterlife.  However, the device has not been refined and developed for widespread distribution.  Spiricom was never fully developed and made available to the public.

1984, Ken Webster receives over 200 messages over his computer by a spirit named “Thomas Harden” who was a former resident of his house in the 1500s. The messages were typed onto the screen by the spirit.

1985: Spirit images were recorded on Klaus Schreiber’s TV, by aiming a video camera at the TV screen to form a feedback loop.

In 1990, Sonia Rinaldi founded the Brazilian National Association for Transcommunication. She has since made great strides in developing instrumental transcommunication in audio and transimages.  To date, however, she has been unable to disseminate her work to other laboratories or make it widely available to the public.

In the first decade of the twenty-first century, software was developed to produce random voice sounds that result in fragmentary electronic backgrounds using software called EVPMaker and the Frank’s box, developed by Frank Sumption. In both methods, entities modify the garbled noise into words captured on recorders.  Thus far, these efforts have not been developed into a device that results in consistent dialogue with the afterlife.

In all of these cases, progress has been slow, but promising. Some projects, such as Spiritcom, have simply ended. The reason they have not advanced is lack of funding. The researchers and developers need the money to complete the research and development so their methods of communication become more reliable and are disseminated to the masses. Grants for developing methods of afterlife communication are not available.  Funding agencies are focused on projects to enhance life on the earth plane, not to understand and communicate with the people in the afterlife.Because of the dramatic demonstration of the truth of the survival of consciousness that will have an impact on humankind, the efforts to develop a successful method of Instrumental TransCommunication must be funded.

Project Needing Funding

Refine the methods being used successfully today so they result in clear, easily accessible recordings of the voices of people living on the next plane of life.

AREI proposes identifying all of the methods that have been developed, having audio technicians and other specialists bring them to full operating capacity, refining them so they communicate successfully with people living on the next plane of life, and disseminating the technology to professionals and the public for use to communicate with loved ones in the life after this life.

The methods being used by researchers such as Sonia Rinaldi and Sheri Perl are working effectively now. They must be refined so they are even more successful and can be easily used by professionals and the public.

Project Results

  • Refine the method as used by Sonia Rinaldi and Sheri Perl
  • Replicate the successful methods of using technology to record voices of people living in the afterlife
  • Discover new methods of using technology to record afterlife voices


  • 12 months

Resources Required

  • Three researchers,
  • Audio technicians
  • Equipment based on the technology already developed

Funding Required

  • $250,000