I’m an RN dedicated to maximum wellness for my patients in mind, body and spirit. After spending much of my career in research and academia, I am now in private practice. This has given me a chance to demonstrate the many practical lessons learned during those years.
Services I offer include:
Life between Life Regression
Past Life Regression
Advanced Energy Work
Meditation Classes
Health and Nutritional Counseling

The Newton Institute (TNI), which evolved from Dr. Michael Newton’s initial organization, The Society for Spiritual Regression, has now been in existence for 10 years. The organization has grown considerably in those years and expanded internationally. The Research department saw this landmark as a good time to learn more about TNI members and their clients. Thus, the Research Committee, Marilyn Hargreaves, Karen Nixon, Joanne Selinske and I decided to design a survey to do just that, in the latter part of 2015. I’m pleased to be able to tell you about some of the exciting results we obtained.
We designed an electronic survey, using Survey Monkey (Yes, the same one used for many of the presidential candidate preference polls in the U.S.), consisting of 41 questions. Surveys were emailed to all 197 TNI members, and 111 fully completed and 17 partially completed questionnaires were returned for a response rate of 64%. We are just completing the full report, which will be quite lengthy, but I would like to share a few of the highlights here.
First, we were pleased to learn that over 70% of our members are practicing Life between Lives ® (LBL) consistently or with only an odd break here and there. Almost all of the others plan to begin practicing as soon as they are able to. The average number of LBL’s conducted in 2014 per member was 22, and 2636 were conducted by TNI members internationally that year. The average number of LBL’s conducted by members since their certification was 176, and 20,556 were conducted by TNI members since they were certified. These are low estimates for how many LBL’s have been conducted by TNI members, since all did not respond to the survey, and some TNI certified members have since retired or left the organization. However, the numbers do represent how LBL has spread through the influence of The Newton Institute.
We also learned that LBL’s are currently being offered in 38 countries around the world. The greatest number of TNI members can be found in the United States, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. Go to www.newtoninstitute.org to see in which other countries LBL is now offered. LBL’s are now offered in 14 different languages.
We learned some interesting things about LBL clients, as well. The youngest client reported in the survey was 15 and the oldest was 92 years of age. It appears that most LBL clients are between 30 and 60 years of age, but there is a great deal of variability among TNI members in their practices. Over 60% of LBL clients are female.
Following the preparatory Past Life Regression (PLR), over 70% of clients complete their LBL; some within just a few days or a couple of weeks. Most clients complete the LBL in one to six months following their PLR. Most LBL’s last between three and five hours.
While most TNI members follow the Newton methodology very closely, there appears to be some common differences in more recent LBL’s compared to those done earlier. We speculate that these changes may reflect the ongoing evolution of human consciousness.
This was the first survey of this breadth conducted in many years and we are greatly encouraged by the generous participation of our members. We look forward to participation by TNI members and clients for future research studies as we strive to learn more about human consciousness and the afterlife.