People in the Life after This Life Speaking about Their Reunions

Recordings source: The Leslie Flint Foundation

Read about the validity of the Leslie Flint seance recordings at this link: Validity

Leslie Flint was a direct-voice medium in the twentieth century. A direct-voice medium has the unique ability of having voices of people living in the life after this life speak independent of the medium. The voices usually come from through an ectoplasmic voice box formed from ectoplasm that comes from the medium’s body.

You can listen to the recordings of the following people living in the life after this life who described the reunions they had through Leslie Flint’s mediumship.

Alf Pritchett

This recording is the voice of Alfred Pritchett, who was killed in WWI on August 16, 2017. The recording was made on November 4, 1960, in a séance with Leslie Flint. Pritchett talks about what happened in the moments after this death. He didn’t realize he had died at first.

Ted Butler

A man named Ted Butler said that before his death, he was walking down the street with his wife and remembered seeing something coming at him. He then saw a crowd of people standing around staring at something. He “had a look” and saw someone lying on the street who looked just like him. “Could’ve been my twin brother,” he said. His wife was crying hysterically, but for some reason, she couldn’t see him. The reason was that he had been hit by a runaway truck and died. He describes what happened after his death.

Mary Ivans

This recording is the account of a woman in spirit named Mary Ivan. She spoke in a Leslie Flint seance on August 15, 1996. She describes being sick and awakening in what seemed to be a hospital setting. She has a very thick Scottish accent.

George Wilmot

This recording is the voice of George Wilmot, a “rag and bone” merchant who scavenged whatever he could find to sell. He carried what he found in a cart pulled by a horse he named “Jenny.” Jenny had meant the world to him. In the Leslie Flint séance, George describes what happened when he awoke in the life after this life. He found himself in a field. He then had a reunion.

Princess Alexandra of Denmark, Queen Consort of King Edward VII

People speaking from the life after this life often describe awakening in familiar surroundings, such as a room in their childhood home. Queen Alexendra, Consort to Edward VII, spoke in a Leslie Fint séance in 1960 describing the familiar surroundings into which she awakened.