Remote Viewing Resources

Craig’s Remote Viewing Sessions

Bill Walker, a Senior Software Engineer (Distinguished Member of Technical Staff), at Avaya, Inc., had Craig, the author of Your Eternal Life, do some remote viewing to demonstrate that it can be done. You can see the remote viewing at this link:

Remote Viewing Examples by Acknowledged Masters

Some example remote viewing sessions by acknowledged masters in remote viewing are available for you to examine. In all cases the remote viewers no nothing but a simple statement about the target, such as the coordinates or the name of the person standing before the target.

Various by the Hawai’i Remote Viewers’ Guild

Links to Remote Viewing Groups

Many groups now perform remote viewing and train people to remote view. You can read about them online: links to a variety of remote viewing resources. The most popular and well-developed group is the Hawai’i Remote Viewers’ Guild.

Remote Viewing Test

Remote viewing is an ability common among people. You can receive impressions about something hundreds or thousands of miles away simply by closing your eyes and relaxing, because underlying the apparently vast distances we perceive in the Universe, there is no space. When we close our eyes, the Universe collapse into our consciousness.

You can take the test of your remote viewing ability at this link: .