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Instrumental TransCommunication recordings Recording Voices and Images of People Living in the Life after This LIfe Instrumental TransCommunication Learn More

Douglas and Eira Conacher - Leslie Flint Recordings source: The Leslie Flint Foundation Read about the validity of the Learn More

Dr. Dinshaw and Annie Nanji Dr. Dinshaw Nanji and Annie Nanji conversations - Leslie Flint Learn More

David Cattanach speaking in spirit - Leslie FlintRecordings source: The Leslie Flint FoundationRead about the validity of the Leslie Flint Learn More

Brian Bushway - Uses echolocation in remarkable ways The second blind person who is using echolocation is Brian Learn More

Remote Viewing Resources Craig's Remote Viewing SessionsBill Walker, a Senior Software Engineer (Distinguished Member of Technical Staff), at Avaya, Learn More

Blind woman sees in her NDE - Vicki Noratuk Vicki Noratuk had a near-death experience after a car Learn More

Sharon MRI Scan of Sharon's Brain Sharon - With severe hydrocephalus A patient named Sharon had Learn More

Dr. John Lorber X-ray of a Hydrocephalic Patient Showing Little Brain Material Description of Roger with Learn More

Children are taught to clairvoyantly "see" with blindfolds on A woman in the UK named Nicola Farmer has Learn More

Craig Hogan's Remote Viewing Demonstration I have a native ability to do remote viewing. In 2005, a software Learn More

Accounts of Repair & Reattachment Connections In Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy, a state-licensed psychotherapist helps a grieving Learn More

Ben Underwood - The Boy Who Sees with No Eyes Ben Underwood, who lost his sight to cancer Learn More

Carole describes her Repair & Reattachment session Rochelle Wright, a Washington state licensed psychotherapist, originated a psychotherapy method Learn More

Blindsight in monkeys The fact that the Mind receives experiences without having what we normally would call visual Learn More

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