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Instrumental TransCommunication recordings Recording Voices and Images of People Living in the Life after This LIfe Instrumental TransCommunication Learn More

Douglas and Eira Conacher - Leslie Flint Recordings source: The Leslie Flint Foundation Read about the validity of the Learn More

Dr. Dinshaw and Annie Nanji Dr. Dinshaw Nanji and Annie Nanji conversations - Leslie Flint Learn More

David Cattanach speaking in spirit - Leslie Flint Recordings source: The Leslie Flint Foundation Read about the validity of Learn More

Brian Bushway - Uses echolocation in remarkable ways The second blind person who is using echolocation is Brian Learn More

Remote Viewing Resources Craig's Remote Viewing SessionsBill Walker, a Senior Software Engineer (Distinguished Member of Technical Staff), at Avaya, Learn More

Blind woman sees in her NDE - Vicki Noratuk Vicki Noratuk had a near-death experience after a car Learn More

Sharon MRI Scan of Sharon's Brain Sharon - With severe hydrocephalus A patient named Sharon had Learn More

Dr. John Lorber X-ray of a Hydrocephalic PatientShowing Little Brain Material Description of Roger with severe Learn More

Children are taught to clairvoyantly "see" with blindfolds on A woman in the UK named Nicola Farmer has Learn More

Craig Hogan's Remote Viewing Demonstration I have a native ability to do remote viewing. In 2005, a software Learn More

Accounts of Repair & Reattachment Connections In Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy, a state-licensed psychotherapist helps a grieving Learn More

Ben Underwood - The Boy Who Sees with No Eyes Ben Underwood, who lost his sight to cancer Learn More

Blindsight in monkeys The fact that the Mind receives experiences without having what we normally would call visual Learn More

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