Recording Voices and Images from the Afterlife and Voices from People’s Minds

Sonia Rinaldi’s Research

Brazilian researcher, Sonia Rinaldi, M.S., is helping people connect with loved ones in the afterlife by recording their voices. Having audio and video recordings of people living in the afterlife alleviates the bereavement of parents, spouses, and other loved ones grieving for someone who has died. And the tangible records of the voices and images of people now living in the afterlife provide compelling evidence that life continues after the body dies. That realization changes the people who hear and see their deceased loved ones, and it changes their attitude toward the normal life transition called death. As more people experience connecting with loved ones in this way, and as the audio and video recordings are broadcast and disseminated, people will come to realize the fact that life doesn’t end at the transition from the earth. That realization will change people’s attitudes toward themselves and others, and eventually it will change humankind.

Examples of Sonia’s Work

Brief examples of the audio and image recordings Sonia has made follow.

Recordings of Children in the Afterlife

Sonia is able to record crystal clear voices of children speaking from the afterlife. In one month, Sonia has connected as many as 163 parents with their children in the afterlife realm. Each session has contained up to 200 answers to questions the parents ask their children.
In the recording that follows, Sonia is helping a mother link with her daughter in spirit. Sonia asks the little girl a question, and the little girl responds:

Sonia: “Would you like to leave a message to your mother?”
Little girl: “Mommy, I can talk.”

Recordings of Adults in the Afterlife

In the following sample, Sonia connected with Craig Hogan’s mother. As is often the case, Craig’s mother answered the question before Sonia asked it. They have explained that they don’t need the spoken words. They get the questions telepathically, so when Sonia thought of the question before asking it, Craig’s mother gave her response.

Craig’s mother: “Ready at this point.”
Sonia: “Can Mrs. Rosemary say something to Craig?”

Recording Images of People in the Afterlife

Sonia is also recording video and still images, called transimages, of people from other realms of life, including what we call the afterlife. She moves any reflective or filmy surface, such as a screen or shiny fabric, in random ways so the surface reflects light in varying shapes. She video records the moving fabric and reviews the video frame by frame. In some frames, an image appears. When she was recording Craig’s mother in preparation for the 2014 conference, she also recorded an image of her. Below are two examples. The image she captured are presented with photographs of the person. The first is the image she captured of Craig Hogan’s mother and a photograph of her. The second is a picture of Murray Millar and the image Sonia captured of him.

Rose HoganPicture of Craig Hogan’s mother (left) and the image Sonia captured of her in spirit (right).

Murray Millar’s photogrph (left) and the image Sonia captured of him in spirit (right).

Recording Images Using an Inverted Pyramid Device

Sonia has recently been experimenting with using an inverted pyramid device that produces holographic images. Below is the device and two examples of images she captured of deceased people.

Recording Images from a Television Screen

Sonia has also found that the teams on the other side are projecting images to her television. Below are images of unknown people that have been appearing on her television. Whether they are deceased people or not she has not yet been able to ascertain.

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