Ann Clark, Ph.D., is the research director for The Newton Institute. Newton LBL Therapy brings wisdom and insights from the soul self to the person now living a life on the earth plane. The Newton Method of Life-Between-Lives (LBL) Hypnotherapy resulted from more than 25 years of research by Michael Newton with over 7,000 clients. LBL Hypnotherapy reconnects people with their soul selves. Beyond the physical bodies we see, everyone is a combination of energies, experiences, and learning acquired from countless previous lives. The core soul self is always striving for new levels of understanding to enable us to grow. It helps the person learn that we have incredible support from countless Higher Beings in the inter-life who are personal guides and teachers always ready to guide each of us through this life and through the period between lives.

In the Afterlife Communication Symposium, Ann will describe the research going on now at the Newton Institute to better understand the life between lives and how people can have Life-Between-Life Therapy experiences that will be life-changing for them.