Dame Alice Ellen Terry was a well-known Shakespearean actress in the last decades of the nineteenth century and first decades of the twentieth century. In this Leslie Flint session, she speaks about the fact that people living in the life after this life communicate with the animals. A transcript of her speaking follows the audio controls below.

Transcript of Ellen Terry Speaking

We have, of course, all the animals that constitute nature, but there again in a more highly developed state of being. There are all the domestic animals that one has loved, but even with them there is the realization of that oneness with man’s world and man’s kingdom. There is the ability for the animal world to make itself understood and we to understand them. They do not have to convey in words, because it is not necessary or possible, possibly.

But the point is, that we know what they think, we know what they feel and they know what we say unto them. They read our thoughts and they are able to understand all that we feel. That, I think, is one of the greatest things of this life: is that being completely and absolutely comprehended, not only by the human race similar to oneself, but to the lesser (so called) kingdom of the animal and the birds and the freedom and the beauty.

Dame Alice Ellen Terry speaking in a Leslie Flint seance
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