Dr. Dennis Grega is a research psychologist and has combined this training with computer technology to develop numerous software applications over the past 30 years. After working for the New York University Medical Center following his doctoral work, he headed a consumer-research group at Ogilvy & Mather, a well-known advertising company with 450 offices in 169 cities.

Later, Dennis owned a business developing database-intensive commercial software for client-server applications and for the Web. His interest in the greater reality and afterlife has been a lifelong study and brought him to co-creating AfterlifeData.com, the largest database of afterlife description and analysis on the Internet, and VoicesAcrossTheVeil.com.

Voices Across the Veil expands upon the research already presented on AfterlifeData.com in a new and exciting way: by providing on-line, small-group sessions (6-10 people) with world-class mediums. Participants are given the opportunity to personally experience communication from loved ones at a more affordable cost.

The results of this ongoing program will be compared with historical writings, aggregated and presented on AfterlifeData.com, on sites of participating mediums as well as in papers, journals, and conferences focused upon Life After Death research.

Dennis expects to explore the following:

  • Do people really talk to the dead? What is the afterlife really like?
  • How consistent is life after death information cross-culturally?
  • What effects do mediumistic communications have upon people’s beliefs?
  • Categorize and classify the evidential nature of mediumistic communications.
  • Correlate with the data already presented on AfterlifeData.com across 265 life after death topics.
  • Provide a setting where people can explore quality mediumistic communication and be able to report back on these experiences for everyone’s benefit.