Michelle Szabo founded the Voices Across the Veil program that makes medium readings available to a broader range of people. The program offers small group sessions of six or fewer people who log on from their locations as a group for 45 to 90 minutes and link via video conference to a medium. The medium gives messages from anyone on the other side of the veil who comes through to each person. The mediums are skilled professionals with proven track records. They include Lauren Bortolami, Jessica Costello, Alain Jean-Baptiste, Denise Lescano, Laura Mendelsohn, Jen Queen, Anna Raimondi, Wendy Van de Poll, and others.

Craig Hogan, president of AREI, sat in on one of the sessions. The participants could see each other and hear as the readings proceeded. The medium read one person at a time. The readings were excellent. My own had many evidential statements. Listening to the other participants’ readings was uplifting and interesting. The format works very well for allowing people to have a reading from a qualified, talented evidential medium from a distance with little cost to the participant.


Michelle Szabo, RMT is an ordained priest, Reiki Master Teacher, designer, artist, musician, author, teacher, and mother. She and Dennis Grega, Ph.D., founded

Michelle is part of a team of active researchers who maintain AfterlifeData, the largest database of afterlife information on the Internet.