Ted Butler Describes What Happens after His Passing

The recording below illustrates that people can pass into the next plane of life without realizing it and can stay on the Earth plane walking around before finally going on to the life after this life.

A man named Ted Butler said that before his death, he was walking down the street with his wife and remembered seeing something coming at him. He then saw a crowd of people standing around staring at something. He “had a look” and saw someone lying on the street who looked just like him. “Could’ve been my twin brother,” he said. His wife was crying hysterically, but for some reason, she couldn’t see him. The reason was that he had been hit by a runaway truck and died. He got into the ambulance with the body and sat next to his grief-stricken wife, who still couldn’t see him. Then he went to his own funeral. He remarked, “It was all very nice, but it was so damned silly because there I was!”

The following recording of the Leslie Flint seance in which Ted Butler describes the conditions after his passing begins with one of the sitters who was recording the events speaking to him. The recordings from the middle of the twentieth century are not good quality.


Ted Butler, recorded February 10, 1964

[He explained in a previous portion of the recording that he remembered a truck coming at him, but that is all he remembered. What happened next follows.]

Greene: But how did you actually find yourself?

Butler:Eh? Find myself?

Greene: Yes. What sort of conditions?

Well, I don’t know. All I know is, that I saw a crowd of people all standing, looking down at something…and I had a look with the crowd and I looked and saw someone who looked exactly like me!

I thought…well, at first I didn’t realise it was me. I thought, “well, that’s a coincidence. That fellow looks the same as I do, exactly the same. It might be a twin brother.” And it was me of course. I didn’t cotton-on at the time.

And, uh, then I realised that my wife – who was there crying her eyes out, of course – she didn’t seem to realise I was standing beside her. She was making such a fuss and how-d’ya-do*, of course, which is all very natural, I suppose, naturally. But she didn’t seem to know I was there. I thought, ‘well, this is a rum do this is.’

And uh, anyway, they put the body in the ambulance, you know, and the wife got in. And some nurse or some woman was there – I think she must have been a nurse, and I naturally got in with the wife and sat in this ambulance thing…and she didn’t seem to realise I was sitting there at all.

And gradually it came on me that, that was me lying down there and I was sitting there as right as rain, you might say, but the wife didn’t seem to cotton on to the fact I was there. And I went to the hospital and…oh! Then, of course, they put me in a mortuary and I didn’t like that at all. I didn’t fancy that, so I got out that quick and went home. And the wife was with Mrs. Kitchen next door, trying to comfort her, you know.

Greene: Mmm…

Oh dear, it was a time. I think that was the worst time of the lot, the first week, I suppose it must have been. Then there was the funeral and all that. Of course, I went to that and I thought to meself at the time, ‘well I don’t know. There’s all this fuss and how-d’ya-do and expense for nothing’.

‘Cause there I was. I was in the carriage, an horse-drawn carriage the wife had, ’cause she knew my love of horses. They did have motors, but she wanted this horse-drawn I suppose. And I thought, “it’s all very touching”, but at the same time it all seemed so damn silly to me, because there I was.

Recordings source: The Leslie Flint Foundation

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