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Dr. Dinshaw and Annie Nanji

Annie and Dr. Dinshaw Nanji Speak about Their Children Who Were Miscarriages

Annie Nanji, speaking to her husband Dr. Dinshaw Nanji from spirit in Leslie Flint sessions, describes her two children, Peter and Sybil, whom she didn’t realize would be there because they were miscarriages. The children were born into the life after this life and have grown to young adulthood. They now live with Annie. During other Flint sessions, the two children spoke to their father, Dinshaw Nanji.

Transcript of Annie and Dr. Nanji Talking about Their Children, Sybil and Peter

Dr. Nanji: And how long was it before you come in contact with Sybil and Peter?

Annie: Well that was almost immediate, but the point is, I know it sounds strange now, but I could not realize at first, that there could be any children. Because I thought to myself, this is impossible. I mean, it was not that I did not accept, in a way, but I thought well, you know, how can this be?

Dr. Nanji: But you knew there were miscarriages?

Flint coughs.

Annie: Yes I know, but you must remember that when I was on your side, like most people, everybody, you don’t think of children under those circumstances. And when I arrived here, they were here and…of course, I was happy to be with them, to know of them.

Dr. Nanji: But did the children know that you were their Mama?

Annie: Yes. You see this is very strange. They knew of course that we were connected, that I was their Mama. But I never had any children as far as I was concerned.

Dr. Nanji: I mean physically…

Annie: Yes, you see, I could at first, accept the idea and I mean, it’s very difficult to put into words what I want to say.

Dr. Nanji: And does that happen with all the children…

Flint coughs

Dr. Nanji: …in the world, today? Do they return to their Mama ?

Annie: Erm, I don’t think in every case…

Dr. Nanji: Not in every case, there must be love?

Annie: …I think unless there is a great bond…I mean, if there is a tremendous love, then that is a different thing. But so many, well, are not of love, you know.

Annie and Dr. Dinshaw Nanji speaking in a Leslie Flint session
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