Resources to Help You Communicate with Loved Ones Living in the Life After This Life

You can connect with your loved ones who are living on the next plane of life. It’s just as though they’ve moved to a different country. They’re still available and are anxious to connect with you. They want to continue an ongoing relationship with you. You just have to be able to receive the communication they’re trying to get across to you. And we know they’re trying! These are the best ways of connecting with your loved one and starting an ongoing dialogue:

Direct Personal Communication provides a channel through which you can have a connection yourself with with a loved one who has transitioned into the afterlife. It uses the Loving Heart Connection technique developed by Jane Bissler, Ph.D., LPCC-S, FT. The sessions are private and last for approximately 90 minutes. The psychotherapist uses online video conferencing software that is free for you to use.
  • Have a Repair and Reattachment Grief Counseling session with a psychotherapist in the psychotherapist’s office.

In these sessions led by a counselor, you have a guided afterlife connection with your loved one. The procedure is conducted by a state-licensed psychotherapist trained in the method who is also able to help you with your grief. It is 98% successful. You can read about the method at this link: Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy. You can see a list of the psychotherapists who perform the procedure at this link: