There are “earthbounds.” These are people who have passed, but have stayed on the Earth plane for some reason. Some of them want to do mischief by influencing people still in bodies. When someone is seeking to connect with a loved one, the earthbounds are not able to interfere. We’ve never had one instance in which an earthbound pretended to be a loved one to fool someone. It appears that the Source, guides, and other energies don’t permit it.

You don’t need to worry about whether it is the person you want to connect with coming through. It always has been in Guided Afterlife Connections, Self-guided Afterlife Connections, and medium readings. The messages are always personal, containing information an earthbound couldn’t know, and positive. There is no mischief in them.

And the connections don’t open up someone to influence by the earthbounds. People who are influenced by earthbounds are affected in their area of weakness. An arsonist on this side of life will be influenced by arsonists who are earthbound. An alcoholic or drug user on this side of life will be influenced by alcoholics and drug addicts who have passed into spirit and remain earthbound because they have a vicarious enjoyment out of seeing them get high. But the normal person can’t be influenced by an earthbound, and you won’t open yourself to their influence just by speaking to your loved one on the other side of life.

Negative energies

There are negative energies in the unseen realm. Calling them “demons” isn’t helpful because the term has religious connotations and superstitions that can mislead people. But there are negative energies that were never people. They have no effect on people seeking to connect with loved ones. Usually, all they can do is try to influence people, and they arent’t successful when the love of someone on the Earth plane is motivating a person here to connect with someone who has left the Earth plane. However, to be sure these influences aren’t present, the procedure always includes a request for protection from negative entities. No negative energy has ever affected someone having a Guided Afterlife Connection, Self-guided Afterlife Connection, or medium reading by a qualified medium.