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Michael Fearon

Michael Fearon Describes Their Effort to Help Humankind

A man named Michael Fearon, formerly a biology master at Taunton School in the UK, who was killed in 1944 in WWII, spoke often to his mother during Leslie Flint sessions. Fearon describes the efforts by people on the other side to help humankind.

Transcript of Michael Fearon Speaking in a Leslie Flint Session

We come to break down the barriers that lie between men. To break down the barriers that man has created by racial intolerance and hatred, by creed and by dogma. We come down that we might, in some measure, bring all peoples together – as one family, under one God. We have a purpose and a mission.

We are not interested in powers and principalities. We are not interested in churches and in creeds and in dogmas. We are not interested in all the things that hold man to Earth. We are interested in the things that make them free, that make them well and happy in spirit and in mind and in body.

We come that we might, in some measure, make your world a better place to live in for the people that follow after you – that they be born free in their mind to live and to love and to learn and to understand the things that are of God. We have great purpose in coming Mother…

We are not interested in the Church, we are not interested in institutions, as such. We are interested only in individuals; collectively and individually. We come to break down all the barriers that time and man has, in his ignorance, created. We know that we can do great things. But we know that we only do it when man’s mind is freed from the shackles that bind him to the Earth.

And in my opinion, creed and dogma are two of the most difficult things to rid them of. And that’s one of our courses that we have to take – to break down the stronghold of the Church. And the Church’s foundation is still strong, even though it’s toppling. We know that there is no strength in the Church, because there has never been true Spirituality in it.

Michael’s Mother:
I agree with you Mike. I get more help from you than from anybody. You know I thought perhaps, you know, it was my fault?

No. I know that there’s only one way to salvation, and that is by man’s own desire for goodness within himself to be made manifest upon the Earth. That man himself, within himself, has great strength – great strength of character, great strength of spirit. And that if he would look into himself and bring forth that which he finds, as Jesus did, nothing is impossible.

The Church will not do that for you. An individual must do it for himself, but we can show the way and we can give great help and aid to those who seek and strive. Once a man begins to seek and strive within himself for greater things, then we can help him greatly.

I know that there’s much that we have to do. Sometimes it seems almost impossible to us to do it, but we can and we shall do it. For that which we are doing is not only our work, it is greater than ourselves, because we are but instruments of God. We do the work of God and we do it freely, we have no axe to grind. We do it because we love humanity, because we want to prevent humanity making the mistakes it has made over many years of the past. We want the truth to shine forth and make men free.

Michael Fearon, speaking in a Leslie Flint seance
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