Dr. Frank Explains that People Create Their Circumstances by Their Thoughts

A man named Dr. Franke had been killed at Dachau death camp during WWII because he would not perform the heinous acts the Nazis required him to perform. He came through in a Leslie Flint session describing what happens in the recovery areas. You can listen to Dr. Franke describing in detail what he does in the facilities where he counsels people still suffering from problems they had while alive on earth

Transcript of Dr. Franke Speaking

And many of my old friends, these two special friends that I have known, take me here and take me there, take me to the colleges the . . . where the students are. Where they learn and can study anything it seems, that interests them, particularly things appertaining to the new life. There were doctors too, I meet. They take me to place where we look after people who are . . . come here from the Earth whose mind is in terrible condition. For they have not been able to rid themselves of the old thoughts old ideas. So they are housed . . . housed in large place, like hospital or infirmary and there they are looked after, but it is an education of the mind. It is the transforming of the individual from the old material unhappy self, into a new being full of light, full of joy, full of happiness.

In this I base my work. So, my real work is now in these large places to which sometimes certain people are brought whose minds are in the state of unhappiness and turmoil. And I help, and like many other souls here, to reinstate or to rehabilitate them into this new way of thinking, that they can rid themselves of all the old ideas and horrible things which still cling to them.

You know, it is very difficult to make people change immediately. It is sometimes impossible, because in moment a person is free of the body, does not mean that they are immediately free of the old ideas and the thoughts which has constituted all their lives themselves. A man is the same man after death as he was before: in his outlook, in his ideas, in his ideology or in his politics even. In every mental way he is the same person, because though the body is dead and has no more being for him, his self, his reality, his soul, his whole conception of life is what he has become through his experiences in a mental way.

So the mentality of the individual is what lives in an astral [unintelligible] or spiritual or psychic form or shape, similar in outward appearance to the old body, once which was important when on Earth. It is the counterpart in which we inhabit of the Earth, the body. But it is much more sensitive and once we begin to think on the lines of spiritual things, then the lightness comes and the heaviness, it goes. Thoughts change and we change in consequence.

In this hospital, I call it that, though it is more than that, and you would not even first realise it was hospital, but even so, it is a form of hospital.  And it is a hospital for curing of the sickness of the mind or the thoughts, which must be changed, to help people to forget many things which it is better they should not remember, which hold them back, which still make them materially minded and, in consequence, retard their progress.

So, we have to work very much perhaps like some of your psychologists or perhaps those whose task it is on Earth to try to trace back the causes which create the unpleasant effect. We have to know individuals, we have to understand them, we have to talk with them. We have to learn exactly what it is that is holding them back in their progress. And there are many different reasons and different things why a person does not adapt immediately or even after some time, into the fuller life here.

They must first learn to undo, they must first learn to free themselves of all these preconceived ideas or phobias. And even religious things which are perhaps very strong in them. Indeed sometimes the religious type of individual is more difficult to deal with because, as you know, that often they think they are right and they’re so sure. They are so adamant that they cannot be wrong, that only they are right. They are often the most difficult people to deal with.

But of course I am talking here about special cases for which we work and serve and help. But the average person, the average person who has an average outlook, who has no strong prejudices and whose life is fairly blameless, whose life is reasonable, they have not been unduly cruel or have not committed any great crime which could affect their progress. They, normal people, ordinary people, don’t usually find much difficulty in soon adjusting themselves to their new vibration and new condition of life here. But there are many people of course, who come here so suddenly that it is great shock and in consequence, they do need often special treatment.

Sometimes suicide cases or cases of murder or some who have died, like many of us did in the Camps, where, throughout the whole of the time we were there, there was nothing but sadness and depression and horror and all the horrible things that man can do one to another. All this was so strong, the whole atmosphere in the place itself, very, very difficult for some to quickly adjust themselves. It is very difficult to explain all this, but if people would realise that thoughts in themselves are powerful and that as a man thinks, so he is, no more, no less and he creates for himself his own heaven and hell by his thoughts, very important to remember.

Dr. Franke speaking in a Leslie Flint seance
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