Elizabeth Fry

Elizabeth Fry Explains the Effects of Earthbounds

“Earthbounds” are people who have transitioned but have not left the earth environment. They have no bodies, so they are able to travel unseen. Because they are still attuned to the earth environment, they can sit on chairs, travel in busses, attend gatherings, and do the things people using bodies do. They almost never can actually disturb things by moving objects. Their primary mischief is in influencing people through thought. They focus their thoughts on people who are already weak and entice them to do things they shouldn’t do. Earthbounds who were arsonists seek out people with an inclination to commit arson and focus their thoughts on them: “Wouldn’t that building go up in flames quickly. Imagine the fire engines and the commotion. Set it on fire!” There are earthbounds with all manner of perversions seeking people to influence.

In the audio recording that follows, a woman named Elizabeth Fry, a leader in the movement to reform prisons in the UK during the eighteenth century in an effort to make them more humane, especially for children, came through in a Leslie Flint seance on April 29, 1963, explains the effects of earthbounds on people. A transcript of the recording follows the audio controls.

Transcript of Elizabeth Fry Explaining the Effects of Earthbounds

Although, of course, there are many people who are earthbound; who have never, as it were, really left the Earth, who are very much on an earthly consciousness… an earthly state of consciousness and an earthly plane.

And they are often the people of course…um, who…do many things, which… cause some concern to people on your side who are aware of poltergeists, who are aware of interference. And, um, of course, you do get these souls who are so materialistically minded and who do rec… receive a great deal of pleasure in influencing people on your side – especially people of a weak mind or people who, in themselves, open up, as it were, their consciousness to these influences.

I don’t think enough is understood about the Earth souls – I refer to them as Earth souls in as much that, although they’ve passed from your world, are still very much a part of it. And these earthbound creatures are not necessarily evil – there are a few, there are some, of course, that are in themselves not doing anything that is working out their own salvation. In fact. they are receiving a great deal of pleasure by utilising people on your side.

I’m quite sure that many of the people in mental hospitals in your world are under the influence of earthbound spirits and, um, I think it is a great tragedy that this subject, this whole subject is not better understood, uh, among those in the medical profession. Because a lot of these cases are definitely obsession and there’s a great field, uh, for research, a great field there for discovery, a great opportunity for people to work in that particular field where people are suffering from mental disorders.

Because a lot of these so-called disorders are not illnesses, in the sense that you understand the term. They are definitely cases of obsession. And we on this side have many souls who work in groups and bands who do endeavour to help and to relieve and to take away, where possible, these influences.

But you must remember that they are so close to Earth, they are so much of the Earth, but it sometimes is very difficult to do very much about it.