Elizabeth Fry Explains that People Live in the Circumstances that Fit Their Minds

Elizabeth Fry was a leader in the movement to reform prisons in the UK during the eighteenth century in an effort to make them more humane, especially for children. She came through in a Leslie Flint session on April 29, 1963. She explains that people coming into the life after this life find themselves in circumstances that fit their mental and spiritual status.

The controls to hear a recording of part of her talk are below. A transcript of her talk follows the audio controls.

Transcript of Elizabeth Fry Speaking

. . . as a man sows, so shall he reap. And if a man in your world, by his very nature and the condition of his life, creates a condition of havoc and unhappiness, if he is, by nature, only concerned with material things, then obviously when he comes here he will find himself on a plane which is, in some respects, very similar to Earth.

He will, as it were, be living, again, a very material conception, if you like, of life. Because, after all, the man has not changed. Death does not necessarily change a person immediately. A person is still, in outlook, very much the same and until such time as man himself begins to realise that he is living in a condition of life that he himself has built, then, until he changes his outlook and his attitude, until he begins to search within himself to discover the faults therein and begin to rectify them, he will be living in a condition very similar, in many respects, to the Earth. He’ll be living in a material mental state. Because, after all, that is exactly what happens to individuals when they leave your world. They live in a condition of life, created by their state of mind.

Of course there are exceptions, as there must well be, but the average person who has lived a reasonably good life will find himself in an atmosphere which is congenial and pleasant. He will find that he will have every opportunity to experience many things that perhaps were denied him on Earth.

For instance, you may have someone who, by the very circumstances of their Earthly life, were unfortunately made to live a very humdrum, unhappy, dreary existence. Well, that person, because they themselves have, by their very nature, endeavoured to be helpful and kind and considerate to others, who sacrificed, perhaps, themselves for others, will find a very happy form or condition of existence and the opportunities that were denied them on Earth, uh, those opportunities will be presented here.

For instance, you may have someone who would have liked to have been a musician or an artist, in some way. Somebody who perhaps would have loved to have had a beautiful garden, but were not able to, through circumstances beyond their control, will find that they have a house with a very beautiful garden. Or, if they wanted to become a musician, over here they can so be a musician.

In other words, its a natural law and everything here is run – and if I can use the term ‘organised’ – although there is, in a sense, no organisation here. There is a feeling that everything is in its place, but there is no conscious organisation. And you will find that here you will have every opportunity to settle and to be happy.

But of course, no matter what condition you may find yourself in, there will always be the realisation of greater possibilities and greater things that lie ahead, because nothing is static here. Everything has an opportunity for change and if and when a person begins to seek and begins to change in themselves, begins to desire things of a better order, so automatically, gradually, they will find those conditions. It’s all a state of being, a state of mind.

Every existence in which one may find themselves is a state of mind. It’s a state of awareness, aconsciousness and one contributes towards this and therefore you find yourself – the average person that is – in a congenial atmosphere for which you yourself are best suited.

The average person certainly finds, coming here, a happy state of being and great opportunity for knowledge, experience and rest, if it’s necessary. There is no depression… uh, the only depression, of course, that one would find is if a person coming here has a great deal that they have cause to regret in their make up and in their life. And in consequence, people do go through a state of readjustment, where they themselves assess themselves, for the first time probably, and they begin to feel they could have done so differently when on Earth and they could have helped so much more than they did.

The very self-centred people find things very difficult at first. But, of course, we must remember and realise that everyone finds, eventually, that state of existence which one could call happiness. It’s something which is never denied, but everyone must earn it. And so everyone goes through changes and stages of evolution, until such time as they have reached a certain ‘goal’, if you like, and probably for a very long time… uh, they will stay in that environment until they feel the need or the urge to go further.