A man named Ted Butler came through in a Leslie Flint direct-voice session describing his staying with his body for a period of time after his transition, including going to the morgue and his own funeral. You can listen to the recording of Ted Butler speaking going to his funeral below.

A transcript of him speaking follows the audio controls below.

Transcript of Ted Butler Speaking

Then there was the funeral and all that. Of course, I went to that and I thought to meself at the time, ‘well I don’t know. There’s all this fuss and how-d’ya-do and expense for nothing’.

‘Cause there I was. I was in the carriage, an horse-drawn carriage the wife had, ’cause she knew my love of horses. They did have motors, but she wanted this horse-drawn I suppose. And I thought, “it’s all very touching”, but at the same time it all seemed so damn silly to me, because there I was.

Ted Butler speaking in a Leslie Flint seance
Leslie Flint Educational Foundation