Mahatma Gandhi Explains that We Live in a World of Fear

Mahatma Gandhi explains that we are living in a world of fear. Speaking from spirit through Leslie Flint on June 21, 1961, he explains this environment of fear. A transcript follows the audio controls.

Transcript of Mahatma Gandhi Speaking

It grieves us when we see how in your world there so much malice, so much hatred, so much intolerance, so much unhappiness, so much fear, so much doubt. Your world is full of fear: fear in its religious aspect, fear in its realization, as it feels, of the things that they know.

. . .

There is much we want to release man from; above all, fear. Life in your world is full of fear. People fear so many things.

. . .

We are very concerned with your world today. It does not get better, it gets worse. Much worse. It only needs a touch of a finger to set your world ablaze. This I do not think needs expressing too strongly. It is obvious. There is too much fear in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi speaking in a Leslie Flint seance
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