John Grant Speaks of Dimensions Interpenetrating Earth and Other Planets

A man named John Grant came through in a Leslie Flint session on Monday, June 9, 1969, with a message about the extraterrestrial and interdimensional entities in the universe. He explains that on the planets, including earth, there are dimensions unseen by humans that are affected by human activities. He also explains that these entities have made contact with the earth but have not been able to converse with people. The recording of John Grant’s message is below. A transcript follows the recording controls.


[There are] astral worlds around the Earth, invisible to the human eye.

You see, man assumes that anything that is visible is a real thing…uh, the moon it is a reality because it is visible, it is tangible and soon he’ll be landing upon it and as indeed are other worlds, of which as yet knows nothing.

But these are the so-called visible worlds, but the invisible worlds—these are invariably, though not always, the more highly evolved worlds. These are the worlds of the mind and of the spirit and these are the worlds which man has not seen and cannot see, because he is of a different substance and a different composition.