George Harris Describes Building by Laying Bricks

George Harris, who was a builder on earth, continues his trade in the life after this life. He explains that he lays bricks just as he did on earth, but he has been told that he’s laying bricks because he expects and wants to lay bricks rather than build walls using more of his mind. The implication is that if he wanted to create walls using his mind as part of the physical action of laying bricks, he could do so. And likely other workers with him are using their minds to create more than he is. It’s all dependent on the individual’s state of mind. George mentions going to meetings, presumably with the building contractor, where he was told to have a different outlook, which he mistakenly refers to as a “look out.” We can glean the content of the talks by the contractor to George that he is having trouble understanding. He laid bricks on earth and is determined to lay bricks in the life after this life, so the Universal Intellect makes bricks, mortar, and a trowel available to him without his asking, because he wants to feel the bricks in his hands and lay the mortar to place one brick at a time.

The audio of his explanation is below. A transcript follows the audio controls.

Transcript of George Harris Speaking about Laying Bricks

But then they do try and tell me, for instance, and others that have been to these meetings and that, where they say as how it’s a state of mind; that everywhere where you live’s a state of mind and if you think you want to do certain things, then you do certain things. But until you learn to, sort of, “look out” in a different way, then you carry on in the same old way.

Well, I mean, that’s all very well, as far as it goes, but why should I want to change? I’m quite happy. I was a builder on your side. I got pleasure out of my work. I always enjoyed it. Do the same here. To me, the bricks I use are as solid as any I ever used on Earth. Mind you, I don’t know where they come from. That’s a, you asked me that and I don’t know. I suppose there must be places where they—brick kilns?—I don’t know. But everything looks real to me. Everything seems real. And everything seems much as it was on Earth.

But that’s what these others tell me; that, uh, you know, that it’s a state of mind. I don’t know whether they’re trying to tell me that because of my state of mind, and I think I can’t build unless I have bricks and I have all the things that are necessary, like.

And therefore, they seem to try and say to me (of course I don’t believe a word of it) they try and say to me that I do all of this out of my own state of mind, and the same applies to all the other people where I am; that we’re working on a certain, what do you call it, state of mind, vibration or material vibration or something they try to tell me, you know. . . . I mean, the bricks are as real as real, and the houses that we build are as real as real. And we go through the same old process as we did on Earth. I mean we, we really build.

The George Harris séance
Leslie Flint Educational Trust
April 3, 1970,