Alfred Higgins Tries to Get a Message to His Wife through a Medium

Alfred Higgins came through in a Leslie Flint session. He describes what happens when he tries to get a message through to a medium doing platform readings at a Spiritualist church.

Alfred Higgins:

Anyway, later on I was taken to a church – a spiritualist church. And I thought to myself, “Well, if I could only get a message over to my wife,” see, but she never went to those sort of things.

So… of course, by this time I’d got on quite a bit and my friend – this gentleman I’ve been telling you about – I realized and knew a lot more about him after a time. I realized that he was a leader of a vast group of people over here and he was a teacher and I learnt a great deal at the time, you know, from him, like. And later on he did say to me, “The only way, of course, that you can ever hope to get into touch with anyone connected with yourself on Earth is to go to a spiritualist church.”

I said to him, “Well, I’ve heard all about spiritualist churches and all that sort of thing but I’ve never ever been to one. I think the missus did go to one, years ago, but she wasn’t that keen about it, you know, and I never encouraged it.”

Anyway, I thought, “Well, that’s one way. So the obvious thing to do is to go to a spiritualist church.” So I tripped off to a spiritualist church which is not so far from where we used to be and, of course, my missus wasn’t there. And I went several times and she wasn’t there. So I thought, “Well the thing is to try and impress her to go to a spiritualist church.”

So I started visiting the missus again and started to impress her to go to a church. This must have been, oh, about 18 months after I’d conked out, you know, and come over here, like, you see. So anyway, after a time, I got the idea into her head to visit a Spiritualist church. Anyway, she wouldn’t go on her own. She got her sister Floss to go with her, see.

So, one night I was at the church. I knew I’d got her to decide to go because I’d been working all day on her. In fact, I had been working on her several days before. Anyway, she did go on this particular occasion with Floss. And they were sitting at the back, and a medium was on the platform. I took one look at her and I thought, “Oh blimey, it would be my luck to get one like this.” She didn’t strike me as being much cop, you know. I’d seen them good and bad you know, and this one seemed a bit on the holy, holy side and she talked about things which was alright for them that likes it, but she wasn’t so hot on the evidence, and she didn’t seem to be able to describe very well.

So I thought, “Have a go Joe,” you know.

Anyway, when she started to give the old messages, I thought, “Well, I’ve got to get in here somehow,” you know. I thought, “I’ll have to do something.” So I concentrated like mad on her, you know, and eventually she picked it up.

Well, this ‘ere medium, she wasn’t so hot. But anyway, she did pick me up. She got certain things that I was trying to get to her. I got her to talk about… She kept getting a ladder. Of course, she got it all bugger… mixed up (excuse me). But she got it mixed up, you know.

She says, “I don’t know, my dear, if you’re going to have a bit of luck, but I see a ladder with you.” And I thought, “For crying out loud, this is getting on fine, this is!”

Anyway, of course, the missus did realize that after a while I’d had this accident on a ladder. So my missus says, “Well, I do place the business of the ladder.”

And, of course, the medium got it all confused. She says, “I think as how there’s something going to be very good for you, my dear. I see you rising, going up this ladder towards success.”

Of course this wasn’t what I was telling the damn silly medium (with all due respect), but it’s her interpretation, you see. I thought, “Oh blimey!”

Anyway, eventually I was able to get a few bits over and then I was able to get me name through. That was an ‘ard bit: getting my Christian name through, see. Oh, and then my wife says, “I think I understand all this very well.” And then she says – of course I could have kicked my wife afterwards – because she says, “My husband was killed on a ladder, and his name was Alf.”

I thought, “Well, I did get that over after a style,” but the medium mucked it up a bit. Still, anyway, so why worry.

Anyway, and then I thought, “Well what can I say that’ll really clinch it?” see. So I thought to myself, “Now I’ve got to get something real hot here,” you know.

So I says, at least I concentrated on the medium to say, I says “I says” but actually when I’m trying to get through it’s as if you’re saying it through the medium but you’re thinking it, see. It’s all very difficult.

So I says, I impressed the medium to say, “That ring that you have on, that is not the ring, not the same ring,” you see. Now this didn’t seem to make no sense to anyone, I suppose, but it had a great deal of significance to my missus, because what actually happened here was my wife lost her wedding ring and she tried not to let me know she’d lost it knowing that I’d be upset about it, so she’d gone and bought herself another one which was to all intents and purposes identical, you see. So I thought, well I knew about this, you see because I’d learnt that since I’d been over. That may sound odd to you, but it was in my wife’s mind about this, that she had this wedding ring, new wedding ring, without my knowledge when on Earth. But I knew, of course… since I’ve been over here, like, and I’ve been in touch with my wife, there’s not much that I didn’t know that went on. So I thought, “Well, that’ll shake her,” you know. So I thought and said about the wedding ring, you see, about not the original wedding ring and about buying a new one, you see. Of course, she went quite white, but she says, “Well, how could my husband know that? I’d never told him, I’d kept it from him,” and all that, you see.

So, of course, the medium preened herself – you know how they do, some of them. “Well, of course,” she says, “you know it’s proof from your husband, isn’t it my dear, you see?” You know. She went all “la la.” She was getting it over posh, you see. She felt good that night. Of course, I was very glad for her sake, too, to give her a bit of a kick, you know. Some of these mediums, they get a bit down in the dumps if they get a bad start at a meeting. They need something to buck them up and I was glad I was able to do it. And my wife was getting a little bit through too, you know. It was nice for everybody. I was really happy about that.

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