Alfred Higgins Is Concerned about His Family and Visits His Wife

A man named Alfred Higgins came through in a Leslie Flint séance. He explained to the guide helping him that he was concerned about his family. With his guide’s help, he visited his wife.

Transcript of Alfred Higgins Describing Seeing His Wife

He says, “Life” he says “beyond what you call death is a state of mind. He says, “Your condition at the moment is perhaps a little bewildered. But you’re not unhappy and certainly you seem, as far as I can tell,” he says to me, “quite at ease. You seem quite calm and placid. You’re not over anxious about anything in particular are you?”

I says, “No, but now I’m beginning to realize what you say is so, I must admit I’m a bit concerned about my people. It must be a terrible shock for them, you know. I have no recollection of dying. I don’t remember anything about falling. At least I had a feeling I was falling and then I don’t remember no more.”

And he says to me, he says, “Well, of course, you died in hospital you know.” So I says, ”Oh, did I?”

So he says, “Would you like to go back for just a little while to see your people? Do you think that would help you?”

So I says, “Well, it would be interesting, wouldn’t it? I would like to see them.”

But he says, “They won’t take any notice of you, you know.”

So I says, “Well, why not?”

He says, “Well, they won’t realize that you’re there because they can’t see you and they won’t hear you if you speak to them.”

So I says, “Well, not much point in going then, is there?” And he says, ”Well, it’s up to you,” sort of thing, you know.

And I says, “Oh well, I’ll go. It’s possible that Ada – that was my wife – she might – I’d like to see how she’s getting on, anyway.”

So he says, “Alright. Let’s go.”
So I says, ”Well how do we get there then?”
So he says, “You just come with me. We’ll just walk up this road.” And I climbed up the hillside and onto the road. We walked along and he says, “Just take my hand.”

I felt a bit peculiar, you know. I thought it sounds a bit silly me holding someone’s hand like this. But still he said hold his hand so I held it. So I just held his hand and… I don’t know, it seems so strange, but as soon as I touched his hand it’s just as if everything went sort of peculiar. It was as if everything gradually seemed to disappear. It was as if I was sort of – I don’t know – going to sleep I suppose in a kind of way and yet it wasn’t like sleep. It was just a sort of lacking of understanding and realization of things around and about me. I became sort of unconscious, I suppose.

The next thing I knew I was standing in our kitchen and I was watching my wife.

Alfred Higgins, Leslie Flint seance
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