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Hunter Gatherers’ Conceptions of Life after This Life

The Hadza Tribe, also known as the Hadzabe, resides in a remote region of Tanzania and stands as one of the few remaining hunter-gatherer societies globally. Their traditional way of life has long been untouched by modern influences, with no reliance on livestock or agriculture. Instead, they sustain themselves through hunting, employing handcrafted bows and arrows, and gathering edible plants from their surroundings.

In an interview featured in the provided link, members of the Hadza Tribe shared their belief that the deceased ascend to the sun, where they reunite with their ancestors. This insight suggests an awareness of an existence beyond this life, hinting at the possibility that such beliefs may be an intrinsic facet of human nature. The contrast between these beliefs and the prevailing Western perspective, which has evolved since the seventeenth century to reject such notions, raises questions about the suppression of an inherent human characteristic.


Source: Mike Corey, “Asking Hunter-Gatherers Life’s Toughest Questions,” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAGjuRwx_Y8. May 30, 2021.