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Sir Oliver Lodge

Sir Oliver Lodge Talks about Flying Saucers

Sir Oliver Lodge spoke from spirit in a Leslie Flint session responding to a question by George Woods, sitting with Flint, about “flying saucers.”


George Woods: Sir Oliver, could you…I wanted to ask you something now you’ve come through. About these flying saucers; are they true or not true? Are they…do they come from other planets?

Oliver Lodge: But of course there are other planets, who are endeavoring to make contact or are curious or interested in your world. Just the same as your world or scientists, certain scientists, and peoples are interested in other planets. Of course they do exist, and of course there is a lot of nonsense, no doubt, talked and a lot of things which don’t apply.

But of course there are entities, souls, who are trying to break through in a scientific way from other planets into your world and who are in a position, and I would say in some senses, more advanced and are trying to make contact in their own way. But, I think I can say with absolute truth, that of course they are very apprehensive.