Maurice Chevalier Describes Trying to Get People’s Attention

In this Leslie Flint session recording, Maurice Chevalier describes trying to communicate with people to let them know he was alive after his death. A transcript follows the controls.

Transcript of the Recording

You know, when I was very shortly after I died, I was a little bewilder about everything and I wandered up the Champs-Élysées and I was bumping into people and they didn’t know. And I shout loud as I think. No one hear and I get very frustrated. And I sit at a café, and then a woman and a man come and sit down very near my table. And I look at them and I’m curious and they don’t seem to know I am there. They have some café and they . . . they lift the cups to their lips, you know, and I think “Oh I would like for myself to have some,” but it was not possible.

No one hear my voice. I speak. I think. No one take notice. And then I get very cross and I kicked the tables and then I goes to the tables where the man and woman’s sitting and I think now what can I do. I try. I shout. I kick the chair. I kick the man on his leg. He don’t take no notice I get very cross and I think “What is all this?” I know . . . you know like I’m dead. That is I tell I understand I am dead but I don’t know why these people don’t know I’m dead. I want them to know I’m alive though I’m dead, you know.

Oh I did many stupid things. I was up and down in what you call the elevator, and I got fed up with it . . . up and down, down and up, up and down. Peoples comes and stand right in front of me back of me and I breathe as I think on their neck and they don’t take no notice. So one woman says “Oh what a cold breeze strucks me,” and it was me.

But you know it is all have to do with vibration. We are live on a different vibration according to our individual selves.

Maurice Chevalier, Leslie Flint seance
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