Michael Fearon – Speaking in spirit

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Michael Rodney Fearon was an officer in the British Army. He was killed during WWII on June 24, 1944, at age 27. His mother, Mrs Alice Fearon, visited Leslie Flint many times at regular Friday intervals, where the two were reunited  and were able to discuss personal and philosophical matters.

On October 8, 1963, the BBC arranged a broadcast during which they played the below recording. The commentator, Peter Williams, asked Alice Fearon whether the recording was of her son. This is the transcript of the BBC interview.

Peter Williams: “That was a conversation between a mother and her son. A tape recording as a matter of fact, made in a room something like this one here. … But the recording was taken eleven years after the son died, killed in action three weeks after the D-Day landings in Normandy in France, during the last war. But throughout Britain there are thousands of people who believe implicitly in the authenticity of this conversation, and others like it—talks between the living and the dead. But what about the woman most directly concerned in this conversation? What does she think about this? Mrs. Fearon, as Mike’s mother, what makes you so sure that it’s your son’s voice that you can hear?”

Mrs. Fearon: “Well, Mike was twenty-seven when he died and I’d been with him all that time. They were day boys for a long time, and they were my life, and I ought to know at the end of that, oughtn’t I?”

Peter Williams: “The voice on the tape recorder and the voice you remember, are they very similar?”

Mrs. Fearon: “Yes.”

Peter Williams: “The same pitch, the same inflections?”

Mrs. Fearon: “Just about.”

Source:  “Direct Voice: Conversation between mother and her deceased son,” Man and the unknown, Michael Rogge, August 17, 1996, http://www.xs4all.nl/~wichm/fearon.html.

The video below is a brief segment with Michael Fearon speaking to his mother. As with most of the Flint recordings, the recording equipment used in the middle of the 20th century is primitive and the quality is not good. A transcript of the recording is below the video controls.



Michael in spirit: Satisfactory. I mean, I love coming to talk to you; it’s a wonderful opportunity and it means so much to me, as indeed it does to everybody who has the opportunity to come through and speak to those who they love on earth.

Mrs. Fearon: I know, speaking to those . . .

Michael: It would make such a vast difference to people if they understood this and realize that death isn’t what they think it is. It isn’t the severing of the contact between us.

Mrs. Fearon: There is no death.

Michael: It’s only an illusion. Man has created death in his own mind.

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