Mickey Explains that All Information Is Available

Mickey was Leslie Flint’s constant spirit companion for over 60 years of séances. He said he was a newsboy who was killed in an accident in 1910. He described his role in Flint’s sessions as helping spirit communicators and raising the vibrations of the sitters. He was actually a more advanced soul after having grown in the spirit world, and gave brilliant insights into the life after this life.

This is a segment of a session. In this segment, he describes the fact that the experiences in Earth School have accumulated from those before us:

I think that people assume that they are individuals and in an odd kind of way, materially they are. But they’re the product of untold experiences, of other people’s experiences, other people’s thoughts, other people’s ideas. You’ve assimilated all sorts of things from all sorts of sources and you often proclaim them as partly your own or in some cases as your own. But there is nothing new. Everything is there. And everything in a sense has, at some time or other, been discovered and perhaps been lost.

The recording follows.

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